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Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 09-Oct-07 02:29:39 PM

Tom Parker - Quest MDTom Parker, Managing Director of Quest Associates Ltd, gives up time to share his thoughts on recent HIP news, politics, Quest's recently-announced partnership with Close Brothers to provide a deferred payment solution for those of you in the HIP Provision sector, and he takes your questions.

Listen: Tom Parker - Managing Director - Quest

Many thanks to Tom for his time - and to everyone at Quest celebrating its 25th anniversary (celebrated Sun 7th October), congratulations!


[Update: Quest answer all outstanding questions from the podcast, as promised - nice one Quest]]

(Apologies for my confusion in approaching this from the wrong "end". I (incorrectly) assumed Quest was offering a HIP provision service with deferred payment option. In fact, it is the technology for you to compile your own HIP packs - a'la DIY - using your own local relationships to provide the key components (searches etc.). The Close Brothers deal means you can additionally offer your HIP to clients with deferred payment from within Quest's Q-HIP interface. Hence the crossed wires - sorry Tom)

Tom urged all DEAs to email Yvette Cooper (Housing Minister) directly to demand a full HIP roll-out.

Unfortunately Tom cannot plant good news stories into the Daily Wail... sorry, Mail. (Quest was recently bought by Landmark Information Group - the EPC Registry Operator - which in turn is owned by Daily Mail & General Trust Plc). Quest's traffic-management system!

We also discussed the latest published numbers of Domestic Energy Assessors.

Pictured is Tom conducting a dry-run of Quest's new traffic-management system.

Website: Quest

Telephone:01344 403450

CPD guide for Domestic Energy AssessorsHear the definitive CPD guide for your accreditation scheme. As told by your accreditation scheme: CPD Guide for DEAs.

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