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Domestic Energy Assessor Podcasts

Prompted by the chaotic launch of Home Information Packs (HIPs) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), I felt it might prove therapeutic to have some group counselling... and what better way is there to do that, than to listen to other people with the same problems as yours!

The aim of the podcasts is to provide a platform where the issues can be explored without the restrictions of writing and replying to what is currently a fast-moving news item; not to mention a tricky one to write about.

Anyway, laugh, cry, whinge, cringe, shout, rant and (hopefully) somewhere along the way, enjoy!

Just for fun: Cock-ups & Highlights - Mashup

Published: 19-Apr-11 17:06. Remarks (0)


Just for fun. Oftentimes guests would suffer my incompetence during the early days of recording these DEA podcasts. Here are some of the bits you didn't hear plus interview highlights.

31: DEA Roundtable 3: Get rid of "low-life scum"!

Published: 20-Dec-08 12:34. Remarks (2)


Domestic Energy Assessors John Semens, and returning roundtable guest (with 30 seconds notice - literally!), Malcolm Scott, go over the last twelve traumatic months since Home Information Packs became mandatory on all homes; sharing battles and tips.

30: Quest Associates: Software, EPCs, HIPs and chat

Published: 27-Nov-08 12:27. Remarks (0)


We welcome back managing director, Tom Parker, who is also joined by Colin Blears and Liam Parker for an interesting Q & A; with analysis, chat and gossip on the fast-moving EPC and HIP environment.

29: ProDEA: Passion, pin-ups and pro-activity

Published: 13-Nov-08 13:45. Remarks (0)


Charlotte Lawrance and Kevin Archer of ProDEA air their passion for raising standards via a recognised "kitemark" through which it hopes to fight the corner of Domestic Energy Assessors and EPCs

28: Northgate Accreditation Scheme: Russell Osborne

Published: 29-Oct-08 22:22. Remarks (0)


Russell Osborne, head of Northgate Domestic Energy Assessor accreditation scheme, joins us to discuss his thoughts on today's hot topics; including software problems, DEA auditing and other other things besides.

27: Robert Kyriakides: Solar Energy, Financial Crisis & Climate

Published: 02-Oct-08 17:14. Remarks (1)


Author (The Energy Age) and Chief Exec of Genersys Plc, Robert Kyriakides joins me ahead of the forthcoming NES Conference 2008 where he will speak about solar thermal technology.

26: Quidos: 'Accreditation schemes don't do enough quality checking'

Published: 18-Sep-08 12:50. Remarks (0)


Quidos Managing Director, Philip Salaman, once again tells it straight: some accreditation schemes are not policing the industry as they should. He also explains the competitive difficulties this poses and reveals why he is upbeat on certain market sectors.

25: International Roundtable: Home Inspection in the USA

Published: 29-Aug-08 09:22. Remarks (0)


How the Americans do it! This DEA Podcast reaches across the pond to compare industry notes with Texan, John McKenna, of American Home Inspection. What can the UK learn from his 20 years experience? He reveals the good and dark side of the industry.

24: Stroma Accreditation Scheme

Published: 04-Jul-08 13:18. Remarks (0)


Neil Bleakley, Technical Director of Stroma, opens-up to listeners, sharing thoughts and reactions to industry news and developments. This is the first time we have been able to chat with an accreditation scheme since the commercial and new-build sectors opened-up - a good time, then, to draw comparisons and seek-out opinions for those considering a move into other sectors.

23: Independent Pack Providers Association (IPPA) - Podcast

Published: 05-Jun-08 21:07. Remarks (0)


Finance Officer for the Independent Pack Providers Association (IPPA), Ron Smith-Galer, explains why the smaller independent Domestic Energy Assessor-turned-Home Information Pack provider needs the IPPA to galvanise resources to be heard on an equal platform to the bigger players.

22: Peak Oil - David Strahan, Journalist & Author

Published: 10-Feb-08 19:08. Remarks (0)


Mandatory listening for Domestic Energy Assessors, industry professionals and public alike. David Strahan, former BBC documentary film-maker and reporter, journalist and author of The Last Oil Shock, explains the evidence for, and disturbing consequences of, peak oil in the context of climate change and the EPC.

21: The Partnership Ltd - Peter Ambrose

Published: 13-Dec-07 15:31. Remarks (3)


Peter reveals the true complexities of being a Home Information Pack provider. If you're a Domestic Energy Assessor branching out into the world as a HIP provider (or curious about doing so), you should definitely listen to this.

20: AHIPP's Paul Broadhead

Published: 06-Dec-07 21:24. Remarks (0)


Paul Broadhead - Deputy Director General of the Association of Hip Pack Providers (AHIPP) - talks openly and frankly about the world of HIP Pack Providers in this reaching-out to the DEA community.

19: Full Market HIPs - DEA Roundtable

Published: 25-Nov-07 03:52. Remarks (0)


Alex Field of Precision Energy Assessors (AKA Energywise) and Jackie Oliver of Jackie Oliver & Co Estate Agents (AKA THI) Lots of news this week: HIPs 1 & 2 beds; Quidos vs HES statement; Habitus; Grant Shapps; IHI, and more.

18: DEA Roundtable

Published: 13-Nov-07 23:50. Remarks (0)


The DEA Roundtable podcast with Malcolm Scott (Home Inspector and part of SAVA's HIP Compliance Team), Dan Walters (DEA) and Chris Evans (DEA) - AKA Bosco - sharing the thoughts, views and feelings many thousands of DEAs are experiencing.

17: Brian Scannell - NHER and SAVA

Published: 24-Oct-07 00:34. Remarks (1)


A two-part podcast with the industry big dawg, NHER and SAVA Managing Director, Brian Scannell.

16: - Chief Exec Stephen Callaghan

Published: 19-Oct-07 02:52. Remarks (0)


Stephen Callaghan - Chief Executive - has been involved in shaping the Home Condition Report and Energy Performance Certificate on the Government Advisory Board and various Steering Groups since day-one, 10 years ago. We talk about Training Providers, Commercial EPC opps, housing volatility plus much more.

15: Quest Managing Director Tom Parker

Published: 09-Oct-07 14:28. Remarks (0)


Quest's Managing Director, Tom Parker, chats about the 25 year-long history of the company he started and runs over the latest Home Information Pack news, plus he takes your questions.

14: NRG Experts MD Neil Kurz

Published: 02-Oct-07 20:55. Remarks (1)


Neil Kurz, outspoken estate agent, EPC panel and DEA, answers questions from Domestic Energy Assessors and gives us the inside story on NRG Experts' new Home Information Pack for DEAs wishing to offer the service clients.

13: Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors (IDEA)

Published: 26-Sep-07 21:38. Remarks (0)


The Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors' Chief Executive, Jim Gillespie, answers the concerns and criticisms of DEAs and shares some of the plans IDEA have for the future.

12: Christopher Rodgers (Home & Energy) Ltd

Published: 19-Sep-07 16:53. Remarks (1)


Alex Rodgers - Head of Operations for major EPC Provider, Christopher Rodgers (Home & Energy) Ltd - returns to take us through what's been happening in and around the company now Home Information Packs are amongst us. Plus details of their second recruitment drive.

11: Quidos MD Philip Salaman Returns

Published: 11-Sep-07 22:00. Remarks (2)


Quidos Ltd's managing director, Philip Salaman, returns to comment on the latest news and talks about the concerns and challenges facing DEAs, both existing and new. This might get controversial!

10: Now Energy Ltd

Published: 29-Aug-07 19:29. Remarks (0)


Martin Hughes, MD of Now Energy Ltd, is guest on this 10th podcast. We're also joined by one of the few currently busy DEAs, Nick Phillips, who drops in to share what he's found out working in the field.

09: SP Property Services

Published: 16-Aug-07 21:07. Remarks (3)


Gregory Elliott of SP Property Services talks about what's been happening since the launch of Home Information Packs and we discuss EPC fees and the future prospects of DEAs.

08: HIPs are Go!

Published: 31-Jul-07 17:34. Remarks (2)


Finally, Home Information Packs are launched. Neil Kurz and Jim Gillespie discuss the long journey.

We also take messages from some of the leading industry players and share tips and advice for marketing.

07: IHI Chairman Explains High Court Action

Published: 28-Jul-07 20:43. Remarks (0)


Shane O' Reilly - Chairman for the Institute of Home Inspection - explains the reasoning behind his announcement to serve a Notice of Intent through the High Court in this "breaking news" podcast-special.

06: Linda Gray - Institute of Home Inspection (IHI)

Published: 23-Jul-07 14:55. Remarks (0)


Linda Gray reveals why she became Trustee of the Institute of Home Inspection (IHI), her meeting last week with the Government, and why she needs you to contact her to allay Government fears.

05: Quidos MD Philip Salaman

Published: 18-Jul-07 16:19. Remarks (0)


Philip Salaman - Managing Director of Quidos Ltd - is next to join-in conversation with Domestic Energy Assessors and formally announces that Quidos has been approved by Government to operate as an accreditation scheme - a DEA Podcast world exclusive.

04: Alex Rodgers of Christopher Rodgers (Home & Energy) Ltd

Published: 10-Jul-07 15:10. Remarks (2)


Finally, an EPC provider reaches out to the DEA community to build bridges.

Alex Rodgers, Head of Operations for Christopher Rodgers (Home & Energy) Ltd, embraced the opportunity to step-up and answer the concerns raised by many DEAs, answering from the perspective of being both an employer and large corporate player in the provision of EPCs.

03: The Ruth Kelly Meeting

Published: 12-Jun-07 18:41. Remarks (0)


What happened at the meeting with Ruth Kelly? Once again, Linda Gray, Jim Gillespie and Neil Kurz join me to share the results of yesterday's meeting at the CLG.

02: EPC News and Upcoming Meeting with Ruth Kelly

Published: 09-Jun-07 17:08. Remarks (0)


In this podcast I'm joined by Linda Gray, Neil Kurz and Jim Gillespie discussing the latest news highlights and, of course, the upcoming meeting with Ruth Kelly of the CLG which takes place on Mon 11th June 2007.

01: Straight Talk about HIPs Delay

Published: 30-May-07 23:48. Remarks (0)


Jim Gillespie, Neil Kurz and myself chat at length and in-depth on the implications of the latest Govt. announcement to delay the introduction of Home Information Pack until August 1st 2007.

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