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What is RSS Syndication and how to subscribe

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 25-May-07 01:22:37 AM

By subscribing to this site's RSS feeds you get the latest information and podcasts as soon as they are released. Plus you don't even need to hand-over your email address!

What are RSS feeds?

Feeds provide a quick and easy way to keep up with information posted on websites.

When you subscribe to a feed, new content is sent (or 'syndicated') directly to your computer or handheld device the second it is added to the site.

This site offers one feed format: Really Simple Syndication (RSS).

Subscribing to the feed

Blog: use this feed URL:

Podcast: use this feed URL:

Paste the above URL into your feed-reader.

A range of free programs are available, including:

For PC users

The latest versions of Internet Explorer 7 and above have a built-in RSS feed-reader. I personally use the Maxthon browser which has a handy sidebar I can flick my mouse over to reveal my feeds whilst browsing the net. I love Maxthon.

You can also download desktop applications too. Below are a few examples, though I haven't used them myself:

For Mac users

Web based reader

You can also look at the many others available by searching the internet with your preferred search engine. Once installed, follow the program's instructions to get your RSS feeds up and running.

What is RSS?


RSS Feed

RSS Feed

What is RSS?

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