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Industry-shaker and opinion-former

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 19-Oct-07 02:54:11 AM

Lots covered in this podcast from a true industry veteran.

Quick biog:

Over the past 20 years Stephen has contributed to many reform groups, including the Government Advisory Group to improve the home buying and selling process. He recently chaired the RICS Working Group responsible for redefining the guidance for residential building surveys and assisted in the development of the Home Inspector National Occupational Standards and Guidance Notes. He is also a member of the Asset Skills Property Services Board and sits on its Steering Group to provide a framework for the development of National Occupational Standards within the entire property sector.

Stephen continues to advise a wide range of organisations on the implications of the Housing Act 2004 and secured the official government contract as lead writer of the standard text to be used by Home Inspectors in preparing Home Condition Reports and Energy Performance Certificates.

He is a RICS examiner, author of 'Home Condition Report', 'Building Survey' and 'Homebuyer Survey and Valuation' chapters of, co-author of 'Leasehold Reform - The Way Forward' (published in 1994), and author of 'Homebuyer Survey to Home Condition Report - Making the Change' (published by RICS Books January 2006 - ISBN 1-84219-246-9).

Stephen is also contributor to technical journals on a regular basis for RICS, ABE, RIBA, SAVA, and College of Law.

Many thanks to Stephen Callaghan.

Listen: Stephen Callaghan -


We challenge the assertions recently made by a RICS report which claimed that recommendations made by the Energy Performance Certificate, if implemented, would have a payback period of 208 years.

Stephen plays-down the latest numbers of DEAs accredited (5150), suggesting a double-counting of dual-accredited DEAs in the figures... but he is happy about the numbers entering the industry nonetheless!

The housing market in light of the Govt's recent excuse for holding-back on the full implementation of HIPs - we walk through some different scenario's.

Stephen also shares his opinion on Government attempts to "lead the market", responding to MP Iain Wright's recent forecast of sub £60 EPCs

Stephen is a strong advocate of Home Condition Reports and explains why.

DEA Panel & Training Provider

The Energy Portal is place to go if you're interested in Panel work.

Fee: £65 +vat (Net of all lodgement costs etc...)

Training Provider's Marketing Tactics

What he thinks of the marketing tactics of Training Providers.

Commercial Energy Performance Certificates

Stephen talks about the new upcoming qualifications, training and career opportunities that will shortly emerge from the introduction of commercial EPCs in April 2008.

He also gives some advice on where opportunities might lie for DEAs entering the world of commercial EPCs, and cautions on parts of the market that might be targetted by Chartered Surveyors.

Announcing the UK's first pioneering DEA - Official!

Where there was confusion, now there is clarity: Former midwife, Jayne Seymour', is declared the first Domestic Energy Assessor to complete the UK's first Energy Performance Certificate, taking her rightful place in the history books.

CPD Course Details

Details of upcoming CPD courses mentioned, from NHER and IDEA, can be found below:

Removed - out of date.

CPD guide for Domestic Energy AssessorsHear the definitive CPD guide for your accreditation scheme. As told by your accreditation scheme: CPD Guide for DEAs.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the DEA podcasts are those of the participants only and may not be factually correct. Advice should be sought before acting on any information or opinion expressed. Consider the content to be merely the streaming thoughts of the participants only. Permission to republish this podcast is permitted providing a link to this page is included.

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