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Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 31-Jul-07 05:34:46 PM

Podcast On the eve of the launch of Home Information Packs (HIPs), Neil Kurz (NRG Experts), Jim Gillespie and myself look back over the low and high points, as well as the future. Plus we exchange a few tips on marketing one's services.

We also hear recorded messages of support from some of the leading industry players (see below).

Listen: Home Information Packs are Launched

Show Notes:

With thanks to all those who took the time to contribute messages of support. (Added 15/04/11: Spot who's still in business, and who's not!)

On the podcast, we hear recorded messages from (in no particular order):

Written messages from those who couldn't be recorded:

Alex Rodgers, Christopher Rodgers (Home & Energy) Ltd:

Thank you to everyone who have approached us over the weeks and months.
Finally, we are at the point where we can all move forward and begin our new careers - It's been a long time coming and even though it's only a nervous start, it is a start nonetheless.

On behalf of all at Christopher Rodgers, we wish you all the very best in your new careers.

Christopher Rodgers

Philip Salaman, Quidos Ltd:

We, of course, wish everyone the very best for the future, now we are finally here. It has been a traumatic time for many and Quidos, for one, thank you and yours for hanging in there.

Whilst we should rightly celebrate a new chapter, we do realise there is still a way to go before work becomes plentiful for everyone. It is important therefore, that we not hold our expectations of work too high during this phasing-in period and instead, look to build on the new skills learnt with the work we do get.

Good luck and good fortune to you all.


EAGA Professional Services, Peter Fall:

EAGA are looking forward to finally kicking-off - all guns blazing - on August 1st 2007. Good luck to everyone, we, like you, eagerly await for the Government to announce full HIP implementation as soon as possible.


We have a message from our forum leader, Ryan Powell!

The Home Inspector Forum has been both a blessing and curse for many of us over the last two years not least myself. From Wednesday we now have the chance to prove ourselves, in both our ability, and our professionalism to all those that have doubted us.

On behalf of myself and everyone that has supported the HI Forum, we wish you all the best for a long and prosperous future and look forward to your continued debate and discussion as part of the HI and DEA community.


Martin Hughes, Managing Director, Now Energy Ltd:

Firstly, to all those who have made it this far, congratulations! Many have fallen by the wayside before now in the face of adversity, so if you have stayed the course and have achieved your Domestic Energy Assessor or Home Inspector diploma, you have shown that you have some of the attributes of success.

Today we stand on the brink of a huge new industry and in this fledgling profession there will be wonderful opportunities for those that truly understand how this business will operate and are prepared to work hard to achieve their goals. There have been many unexpected twists and turns along the way and no doubt, there will be more to come, but winners understand that for every problem, there is an opportunity.

So, whatever business plan you have chosen to adopt, implement it with determination and integrity and without disparaging others whose plans may differ from yours.

And remember - other people and things can stop you temporarily, but you're the only one who can do it permanently!

Now Energy Ltd

Paula Tarbard of would like to wish all Home Inspectors and Energy Assessors good luck and every success for 1st August and beyond. And if you haven't yet registered for our panel, you can still do so via our website at:

Stephen Callaghan, wishes all its Graduates best wishes for 1st August and beyond.

CPD guide for Domestic Energy AssessorsHear the definitive CPD guide for your accreditation scheme. As told by your accreditation scheme: CPD Guide for DEAs.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in the DEA podcasts are those of the participants only and may not be factually correct. Advice should be sought before acting on any information or opinion expressed. Consider the content to be merely the streaming thoughts of the participants only. Permission to republish this podcast is permitted providing a link to this page is included.

Posts: 2
DEAs Fees
Reply #1 on : Wed August 01, 2007, 14:49:45
It is good to hear the leading industry players wishing all well. I just hope they play a part in keeping DEAs fees at a reasonable % of what they will be charging. I also wonder how much credit they will expect from DEAs.

Posts: 2
DEAs fees
Reply #2 on : Wed October 24, 2007, 15:59:21
It is not long ago I mentioned that panels were ripping off DEAs. Well it gets worse Panels are Charging (£120/150) to home sellers, then deducting £60/90 and passing the job to newly qualified DEAs who have little experience of the commercial world for £60. It is a disgrace. The only way to prevent this is not to do the work for these panels. Any DEA who accepts commissions at less than £75 encourages panels in there art.

Any estate agents who instruct LMS should be made aware that the DEA carrying out an inspection for their client will be recieving a maximum of £60 from which they will have to meet all the registration costs.
Do you expect a professional service? remember the £50 commision you recieve from LMS is coming straight out of the pocket of the DEA.


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