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And demand looks bleak going forward

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 10-Jun-10 04:21:58 PM

The number of RdSAP EPCs (residential) issued in May 2010 fell 24,692 (-14.69%) on May last year, according to the EPC database, whilst SAP EPCs fell by 2,107.

The decline in lodged EPCs comes despite a reported ‘surge of new sellers before the election, according to Rightmove's House Price Index which recorded over 30,000 new listings in a week – the highest surge in two years.

Graph showing EPCs lodged from May 09 to May 2010

Law of diminishing returns for EPC industry?

EPCs lodged in the previous month of April 2010 (151,009 EPCs) also fell against the same month last year (184,868) by 33,859.

Almost 4.5m EPCs have now been lodged against a total of around 22m homes – that’s about a fifth of homes in just three years (with caveats attached, obviously - duplication etc.)

Moreover, an EPC is now valid for 10 years, thanks to Grant Shapps, and there’s no sign he’s willing to strengthen its role in meeting the Govt’s commitment to reduce C02 any time soon.

Many industry folk believe compliance will plummet now that HIPs are dead. I tend to agree; particularly in view of impending drastic cuts in Public spending which will inevitably hit Trading Standards Officers in the short to mid-term.

It’s everyone for themselves now.

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Demand looks bleak going forward
Reply #1 on : Thu June 10, 2010, 18:14:49
Good to see the blog back, demand by readers appears to be higher than the dropping demand for EPCs ;)

The EPC is now in terminal decline, its being given away free, its valid for timescales that make it utterly worthless and virtually nothing has been done to address the poor standards within the industry.

Can only wish DEAs good luck, but it should be time to move on for many, the EPC has been so watered down as to make it useless and worthless- its no more popular than a landlords gas safety certificate and has now become more of a nuisance than a benefit. No-on involved in EPCs seriously thinks they are in anyway going to help reduce CO2 emissions do they?
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Re: And demand looks bleak going forward
Reply #2 on : Fri June 11, 2010, 12:09:25
Thanks Neil

"Good to see the blog back, demand by readers appears to be higher than the dropping demand for EPCs ;)"

What, do you mean more than one person wants an EPC? ;)

I can't help agreeing with your sentiment, though: dignity, pride and self-worth must be rapidly dissolving for many DEAs.

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DEA Fees
Reply #3 on : Sun August 29, 2010, 08:10:27
As a recently accredited DEA & NDEA I sympathise with the situation we all find ourselves in - but we are not helping ourselves by apparently being willing to carry out DEA assesments for typically £30( minus the lodgement fee !!) - this means we are effectively working at or below the minimum wage. We should all charge what is a realistic fee and not be bullied into offering DEA's for ridiculously low fees ?? We are cutting our own throats if we carry on doing this ? Would appreciate others views ? Thanks Trevor

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Reply #4 on : Fri December 17, 2010, 22:48:13
i know what everyone is saying but how do you compete the internet is loaded with companys offering epcs in any area with a 24 hour turn around for a little as £29.00 this is because we live in a bloody greedy society half theese companys n=know sod all about sap rating or anything else to do with the epc they are just general go getters using the services of otherwise unemployed deas/ kids and computers very clever its the way of the world how many of us were told of unlimited earning potential its the same old saying if it sounds to good it is to good not to long before it will all be handed over to the energy providers ie gas board elec board then we will be unemployed so will the accreditation schemes as this will also belong to the boys who will inturn add this extra cost to our fuel bills

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