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Digital Pens for the Domestic Energy Assessor

Digital Pens

Digital pen for the Domestic Energy Assessor

Digital pens write with ink and also have a digital camera. You write on normal paper but each sheet is pre-printed with tiny dots that are invisible to the eye. The dots are used to map the coordinates of the pen's position.

The interplay between the paper and the pen, means any character can be digitised and stored, so you don't have to adapt your writing - Indeed, you can draw sketches that will be stored just as you drew it.

Additionally, the paper itself can have pre-defined functions such as assigning an area of a form, to be a checkbox, for example, which, if ticked, performs an action such as, "Send Now". Alternatively, logic can be applied such that if something is not completed correctly, a message can alert you.

Once the form is complete, it can be stored for later (storage capacity applies) or the pen can be connected either via Bluetooth to a mobile phone, or to a desktop PC from which, the information can be submitted online for processing.

Typical Costs

Although there may be some variations, you can typically expect to pay for each:

  • Digital pen
  • Survey form used
  • Monthly charge

Most Recent:

Digital Field Solutions

Digital Field Solutions are suppliers of digital pens for Domestic Energy Assessors looking for tools to increase productivity in the field.

Domestic Energy Assessors

Digital pens are just like normal pens, but they can store, error-check, and even upload completed surveys via a bluetooth connection to your mobile phone, or they can be simply docked to your desktop PC and uploaded via the internet.


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