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For instance: 'CORGI gas inspectors and utility companies'

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 16-Jan-09 03:29:47 PM

So I'm quickly flitting through the Tories' new 'Low-carbon economy' policy green paper' I just blogged about, and so far as Energy Performance Certificates are concerned: mixed news, depending where you're at.

Display Energy Certificates for private buildings

The paper pledges to "fully implement the Energy Performance in Buildings Directive and require Display Energy Certificates for public and private non-domestic buildings over 1000 square metres" - so good news for that sector.

Free the Energy Performance Certificate

Page 44

On this, I am one with the Tories, in principle at least. But whilst the paper recalls how the party has called on Govt to rip the EPC from the Home Information Pack (HIP), it doesn't explicitly state its intention to do so should they win power.

Instead of imposing EPCs at the point of marketing a home, they want to leave it until the end of the transaction:

"...we believe that, if people are to benefit fully from an EPC, there needs to be a comprehensive review of how these certificates are implemented. There needs to be greater flexibility; certificates should be required only at the end of the sale process, rather than at the point of marketing, in order to avoid distorting the housing market."

This, despite the preceding paragraph which recognises the potential usefulness of EPCs:

"Ultimately, as they become an established part of the property market, it is expected that they will have a significant impact on buying and renting decisions, creating an incentive for property owners and landlords to make energy efficient improvements to attract buyers or tenants."


More competition

This will be popular:

"We also want to introduce greater competition in the market for the provision of EPCs – for example, involving CORGI gas inspectors and utility companies – to help drive down their cost."

Greater competition?!

Oh boy! So who's been bending Cameron's ear then (or promised donations)? Unbelievable!

Business/Employee Carbon Cooperation Plan schemes

Page 46

Businesses that are required to comply with mandatory schemes, for instance, "the Carbon Reduction Commitment trading scheme (around 5,000 organisations with a 2008 half-hourly metered electricity use above 6,000 MWh)", will be allowed to "count carbon reductions they achieve in employees’ homes towards their own emissions reduction targets."

This would be measured "before-and-after" via Energy Performance Certificates.

Well that's more like it but why stop there? Why not tie that condition to all the measures mentioned in my previous post?

However, the current domestic EPC does not account for metered energy use so does that mean a change to the methodology? Or does it point to a more commercially-flavoured EPC...

... conducted, perhaps, by utility companies?

And that's about it, so far as Energy Performance Certificates are concerned at least - the paper is 55 pages long and covers more proposals so if you want to know more, check it out via the link above.

So which way will you vote?

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Re: For instance: 'CORGI gas inspectors and utility companies'
Reply #1 on : Wed January 21, 2009, 11:41:59
The Tories show their cluelessness yet again-why would the utilities want to get involved in driving down the price of EPCs ? British Gas charge £60+ to service a hob-why on earth would they want their engineers to do an EPC for half the price when it will take at least twice as long ?
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Re: For instance: 'CORGI gas inspectors and utility companies'
Reply #2 on : Wed January 21, 2009, 17:43:44
As a loss-leader to upsell?

Who knows what the Tories are thinking, Dave, but they are clearly wholly out of touch with what's going on if they believe the market needs to be more competitive - maybe their master plan is to reduce population numbers by having DEAs battle in the streets.

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Gas boiler repair and gas supply also need to be competitive
Reply #3 on : Sun February 28, 2010, 22:10:15
Perhaps they should offer DEAs opportunities to cross train as Gas safe Registered Engineers so that their prices can also be brought down. Also open the flood gate for companies to become utility companies.

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