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Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 28-Sep-07 09:56:10 PM

Becoming a HIP-Provider is all the rage at the moment...

According to a press release from OyezStraker, 45% of Solicitors surveyed by the Law Society have indicated they intend to compile the Home Information Packs (HIPs) themselves.

Of course, OyezStraker just happen to be the HIP "bureau" service "partnered" with the Law Society to provide the HIP service that Solicitors need. And they claim to have already received '... almost 600 enquiries' since they launched the service, adding:

... at the current rate there may well be 1000 enquiries within the next week or so which is already a fair proportion of all conveyancing solicitors’.

Out of those enquiries they claim to have sent out 75 starter packs.

Reading the small print

I think what we can read from this is that there is strong interest from Solicitors looking to source a HIP-Pack-Provider, still.

And that's about it - The words 'intend' and 'starter packs' only suggests they are sniffing the market (or unhappy with their current HIP-Provider) so there is still plenty to go for if you're providing HIPs as an add-on service to EPCs... in theory, at least.

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Law Society HIPs
Reply #1 on : Sat September 29, 2007, 11:46:59
Small comment - Oyez Straker are the forms partner for the Law Society, but they certainly aren't their HIP manufacturer. That "honour" belongs to a company called MDA.
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Conveyancing Solicitors
Reply #2 on : Tue October 02, 2007, 19:10:47
Today I telephoned over 40 local firms, the surprising fact that came out of this exercise is that most have still not settled on how they will move forward with HIPS.

I guess this shows that the market is pretty much slow at the moment otherwise volume work would have forced their hands into jumping one way or the other.

As a Qualified DEA my first priority is to look atfer my Solicitor Clients, in fact I will be specialising in this sector as the Panels and Pack Providers have done their collective best to put me and my kind either in financial ruin, or on the dole.

My advice to all DEA's...form tight supportive relationships with your local Solicitors!

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