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'Demand is greater than oil - increase supply"

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 23-May-08 12:41:05 AM

If you've listened to the DEA Podcast with David Strahan discussing peak oil, energy and climate change, you will know that oil company, Shell, is bracing itself for one of two likely energy scenarios in the near future, broadly categorised as: Scramble (for oil), and Blueprints (for national cooperation on energy efficiency standards and a move to alternative energy sources).

Well, they've put together a video describing the two scenarios in a bit more detail. I suggest you first take a look at that before watching the recent interview with George Bush below.

So what will the two worlds described in our scenarios look like? How might the world change in either one? Watch the video and explore the Scramble and Blueprint scenarios.

Video - Scramble and Blueprints - About Shell

George Bush on Energy

Around 45 seconds into the interview: took us a while to get where we are - very dependent on oil... and er, a world in which demand is greater than oil.  And so my answer to Steven is that, the best thing we can do is, increase supply.

Of course!

Looks like it's probably gonna be a scramble then.

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