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Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 26-Sep-07 05:18:27 PM

Quidos have today officially launched a new service to Domestic Energy Assessors wishing to provide a complete Home Information Pack (HIP) to clients for £199, I can exclusively reveal.

Our DEA Panel ‘HIP Service’ has been designed to allow Energy Assessors the opportunity to market themselves directly to estate agents and solicitors, by offering a full HIP product to include their own EPC

As the cost of EPCs come under increasing pressure, more and more DEAs have been looking at ways to provide a full HIPs service to local clients in a bid to remain competitive and win business. The timing of this, therefore, could prove quite handy for those of you exploring this avenue.

You do have to be a member of their DEA Panel to take advantage of this, however, membership is free.

Additional costs for unregistered or leasehold property are passed on, at cost, and additional searches are available at "competitive rates" (See Quidos' HIP price list).

The finer details should be available on Quidos' website by the time you read this.

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gis a job
Reply #1 on : Mon October 01, 2007, 14:29:26
Who do we blaim for the epc shambles ?
The Government
The Training Providers
The Commercial companies who promised us work.

I am a qualified DEA with accreditation with Northgate and Quidos

Living in the Cardiff area. In good faith I spent money on training to start a new career.It would appear a big mistake To date I have not had one survey Please can someone offer me work.


Ken Matthews

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Ken Matthews' post
Reply #2 on : Tue October 02, 2007, 01:25:23
Cheer up Ken, I am in a similar boat to you and despairing over the 'shambles'. The government has a lot to be sorry for, but as Politicians they never will...and neither will any other company involved in this farce.

In time this thing will come right, and onyl when the 'Profession' turly unite into one cohesive force, with one loud and clear voice will we take back the control we deserve.

The Pack Providers, Panels and those who would otherwise seek to control the carrying out of EPC's need to think long and hard at the way they are carving up the market and forcing DEA's to accept lower rates day after day, as they see this as the only element in the HIP that can be squeezed.

DEA's and HI's will unite at some point and turn the tables by refusing to work for these now quite insulting rates, and even more infuriating are the terms of payment being offered...30 days EOM in reality becomes 75 days! why on earth do you think we are capable of working to this? we are not Lenders or Banks, we are honest trusting souls trying to survive.

As for those of you out there paying us on "Pay when Paid" terms you have very little time left to amend these terms or you will surely loose out, when the Profession flately refuse to work for you!

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Reply #3 on : Tue October 09, 2007, 21:45:12
I totally agree with whats been said and its time for the IDEA to start making some noisebut what also worries me is the fact that with some 4000 qualified DEAs at present struggling to find work and some 4500 more in the process of qualifying, why on earth has the government not put a stop to any further training courses taking place. It seems to me that the only get rich scheme hee is the training itself.

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