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In Conversation with Philip Salaman Managing Director

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 18-Jul-07 09:07:06 PM

Well, I wasn't quite expecting an industry exclusive on the podcast today, but there you go... I'm going to collect my long overcoat and dictaphone tomorrow, and begin stalking celebrities!

Quidos, after successfully jumping through many bureaucratic Government hoops to become an official accreditation scheme last month, today threw open its doors to all qualified Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) seeking a channel through to full accreditation.

For the industry, it is big news, and it leaves me feeling a sense of burden to somehow handle it with care. But all I can really do, in reality, is grease the wheels of the communication trolley and hope it hits the right desktops... which leaves me feeling strangely impotent.

Before I go on - If you want to jump straight to the podcast, click on-over to:

Podcast #5: Quidos MD, Philip Salaman

It's weird!

Not because I don't think the podcasts are not hitting the right audience - It obviously is (who else would listen to industry gossip, outside of the industry, that is!).

And it's not because there's not enough of you listening to the podcasts - Last time I looked, the first podcast with Jim Gillespie and Neil Kurz, had been downloaded by well over a 1100 people, and I know that number continues to rise most days, still (Plus, of course, I can never know how widely the downloads are shared).

No, I guess it's the sense of responsibility in wanting to deliver someone else's creation to the world, without neither knowing immediately how it will be received, by you, nor if Quidos delivers what many of you need to happen, sharpish.

With all the reports of delays in the accreditation process, it's clear that Quidos's entrance into the market is much-needed, and, dare I say it, a relief to the accreditation industry as a whole - It will help remove the pressure.

7-Day Accreditation Turnaround

But if that wasn't enough, Philip also promised the 7-day turnaround of any DEA applications for accreditation - That is some statement!

And therein resides my feeling of impotency really.

You see, I sincerely hope it means that many more of you - even at this late stage - can become eligible to receive work on August 1st - I think it's got to be seen as an excellent deal (no payment until 1st EPC arrives), and the best chance for those desperate to accredit between now and August...

... but I have to now sit-it-out and pray that both Philip delivers, and you, in-turn, trust his word enough to apply for accreditation through Quidos.

If either of you fail to play your part in that process, I feel bad.

Does that make me biased? Only if you don't want this to happen.

I wish both Quidos, and those of you who accredit through them, the best of success.

Quidos DEA Accreditation Scheme

Full details now availableDEA Accreditation Scheme

Podcast #5: Quidos MD, Philip Salaman

Over to you.

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Reply #1 on : Thu July 19, 2007, 08:46:54
I think I speak for a few people when I say (notwithstanding the professionalism and dedication of Quidos) that I think that the time has come when the emphasis must move away from TRAINING people and towards ensuring those that have qualified, and those soon to, can acquire enough work to earn a decent living. Don't you think?

Rather than 'remove the pressure', surely the arrival of yet another TP, cranks up the pressure even more; as even more bods get squeezed through the system, only to come out the other end, blinking and rubbing their eyes at the bright light of uncertainty!
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Re: In Conversation with Philip Salaman Managing Director
Reply #2 on : Thu July 19, 2007, 14:19:05
Hi Paul

By "remove the pressure", I meant in relation to the accreditation pipeline.

I take your point RE: New TP, though. However, I can't pretend to know the full story when it comes to the intentions of Quidos in this regard... it was one of those questions we never got chance to cover, unfortunately.

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