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An offer that's difficult to refuse

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 18-Aug-07 04:28:52 PM

Bit late on blogging about the latest podcast with Greg Elliott of SP Property Services. Although the podcast has been up for a couple of days now, I've just been mad busy. So if you subscribe to the RSS feed and feel left out - Apologies!

(As an aside, I've now set up another feed specifically for podcasts - So if you want to be alerted as soon as they go live, subscribe to the podcast feed here - But please, don't hit it every hour as they only go up about once a week and the bandwidth is already becoming frightening!)

Cashflow is King

We covered quite a lot but I think the take-home message for the Domestic Energy Assessor looking for an EPC Panel to sign-up with, was Greg's willingness to negotiate your payment terms during this slow and difficult roll-out period.

Basically, if you're struggling financially and cashflow is a problem, talk to him - Their normal payment terms are 28 days but he is open to shortening that period to help you stay in the business.

This seriously could mean the difference between going the distance, or not.

We've already heard of DEAs waiting over 45 days to get paid, which ultimately meant at least one of them having to leave the industry... if you don't have cash reserves it don't matter how high your fees are - You need cash to keep chugging along, day-to-day.

I think Greg's offer is commendable and shows that not all of the Panels/PP's etc... are only in it for themselves.


This podcast went way over time - I try to target 40 mins but they go so quickly it's untrue... I'm always left feeling wanting.

I hate feeling I have to rush and cut short a subject - I've discovered that it only takes about 3-4 topics to fill a show because one question, begats another.

But the problem is knowing when to move from one topic to the next - Spend too much time on topic #1, and an internal panic begins because I know that topic #3 deserves some depth. And I hate that.

I always guarantee to everyone that comes on that they won't be edited and taken out of context - I believe that's important to you, me, and the guests themselves. But it sometimes leaves me with post-production problemsas I try to squeeze-out every ounce of "dead-air" without it sounding un-natural.

But there ya go... I only hope it's not too boring to listen to and not overly impinging upon the guest's time.

Thanks again, Greg, for bearing with me.

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