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Alex Rodgers (Head of Operations) returns

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 20-Sep-07 10:36:44 PM

Alex Rodgers returns to the podcast for a chat about life since the HIP launch.

As regular readers will know, Christopher Rodgers are recruiting DEAs again, so we obviously get talking about that, as well as the packages on offer, and the all-new, singing and dancing PDA software they've been working on for the last 12 months with Northgate (the accreditation scheme).

He also shares some of the lessons learnt since the August 1st HIPs launch and what they are doing to iron them out - From what he reveals it seems they are not alone when it comes to encountering insufficient property information at times, too.

It will be interesting to watch Christopher Rodgers evolve in this new industry - They have entered the market as a major EPC provider having contracts that amount to 300,000 EPCs... some pressure!

Go to the Christopher Rodgers podcast page.

How Big is Your Package?

Whilst some might feel "short-changed" by the package on offer (thanks to the training providers), this company is pumping serious money into this venture, seeing it very much as a long-term commitment.

The employed package (at the time of writing) is:

  • £20-25k (Depending on region/experience)
  • Car allowance
  • Petrol allowance
  • Accreditation
  • All insurances
  • "Do everything" PDA
  • CPD
  • Bonuses (OTE £35-40k)
  • Full admin support

That's worth a lot of money.

It's guaranteed work too.

You also get your Taxes and National Insurance paid; have no invoicing (and chasing); no after-hours paperwork until the wee hours; no adapting to the whims and differing working-practices when working with multiple Panels (and their accreditation-scheme requirements); no worrying about T & C's... the list goes on if you think long enough.

And it's guaranteed work (I just wrote that didn't I).

Domestic Energy Assessor or Businessman?

Let me ask you this: Did you come into this industry to become a Domestic Energy Assessor? Or a businessman?

If businessman, then you (should) know what to do... all the above (and much more).

If a Domestic Energy Assessor, then this is a serious option to consider, IMO.

It's not cheap hiring staff and it's scary to have huge contracts to fulfill - Being in the shoes of Christopher Rodgers (Home & Energy) Ltd right now, taking a huge financial punt setting-up the systems, admin staff and national DEA network, against the current and historical backdrop... it's certainly no small undertaking.

Their confidence lies in the fact that they are used to working in the property valuation field (25 years) which means they have an understanding of the typical day-to-day challenges that beset the working Surveyor - It is embedded into their "corporate culture"... As indeed, is the case with Quidos too; coming from a background of providing property floorplans.

Having a responsibility to undertake such volumes of EPCs focuses the mind to ensuring that internal systems and field support runs as smooth and efficiently as possible.

From what Alex said on the podcast, they seem to be working hard to remove the "faffing-about" element of the job as much as possible: from the back-office support, to the capabilities of their PDA software integration. They have to if they want you to get the jobs done.

A Question of Money

If it's a question of money, then you have 3 other options:

  1. Find a better package with another DEA employer
  2. Become a businessman
  3. Get out of the industry

The money question, only you can answer. But no one has the Right to get mad with you for doing work at a price they wouldn't accept... particularly when "they" are/were used to earning a third or more of what you ever did.

The System is Straining and Creaking

Panels are trying to (hurriedly) change the terms of their DEA contracts; others are squeezing prices down further; some companies have closed their doors to new DEAs, and many more are/will be feeling the weight of debt and poor cashflow.

Money-aside, this is probably the best time you will ever have to get into another career - You've invested your money, qualified, accredited, and entering a Government-mandated market. You are also being courted by companies bearing various (and sometimes questionable) credentials.

One thing is certain, however: This courtship orgy will not continue. You will have to flirt increasingly harder as time goes by - Indeed, that time may already be upon us.

Look at the whole picture, assess your future and choose your path wisely now, before it's too late.

Go to the Christopher Rodgers podcast page.

PS... This is neither an endorsement or otherwise of Christopher Rodgers' offering, just some (more) food-for-thought.

Good luck.

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