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Oversupply imminent

Submitted by: John Morren on 13-Oct-08 02:02:59 PM

John Morren has closely monitored the implementation of Energy Performance Certificates for the non-domestic sector on behalf of many business transfer agents. Concerned with the lack of information surrounding the number of assessors available to service demand, he submitted a Freedom of Information request to the CLG which was recently denied in the 'public interest'.

In this guest blog-post, he shares his latest findings.

Following an appeal on the CLG's refusal of a Freedom of Information Act request to disclose Non Domestic Energy Assessor numbers, they have at last provided figures.

To the question: How many assessors did they estimate would be needed from October 1st?

The answer: "between 300 and 550".

To the question: How many Non Domestic Assessors are currently qualified?

The answer: "the most recent data from awarding bodies at the beginning of September show that a total of 28 level three, and 8 level four non-domestic energy assessors were qualified at that time."

As far as the numbers of assessors accredited are concerned, there were 471 on October 1st.

Groundhog day - undersupply to oversupply

It would seem that at the beginning of September, we had gone from a serious shortage of qualified assessors, with only 36 available, to a situation where some 30 days later we have 471 - or 85% of the estimated maximum numbers needed!

CIBSE currently have some 135 people in training for levels 3,4 or 5, assuming these all pass then it is clear that an oversupply is close, even without taking into account those in training with the other 12 accreditation schemes.

It seems that the average non domestic energy assessor is, like their DEA counterparts, going to have problems with commercial viability.

[Update: CLG Revise Accredited Non-Domestic Energy Assessor Numbers - Higher]

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Reply #1 on : Mon October 13, 2008, 21:57:54
Thank goodness that the software is 5x harder to use than RdSAP meaning its well beyond the capability of many.

Amusingly eveyone's favourite training provider HIT are about to rollout a combined DEA/NDEA course, I don't know if there are less than 100 modules involved(!) but you'll be shocked to know that I don't think they will want to slow people down as their sales team have been busy out winning work, and actually need to stuff people through the sausage machine rather quickly. Hit the panic button, we need people through in 2 weeks, alternatively, lets get them signed up and then simply use them as data collectors leaving the iSBEM experts back at base collecting the real income.

Good work John, great tenacity to keep going especially with the FOI request and follow-up. You'd make a good data collector actually..... :o)

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