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NHER award its Energy Assessor Community Grant

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 27-Oct-08 07:16:22 PM

I was so pleased to learn that DCHI (Devon & Cornwall Home Inspectors Association) were announced the successful benefactors of NHER's Energy Assessor Community Grant of £2500 last week.

The association has grown from just seven aspiring Home Inspectors since its first meeting way back in July 2006, to a healthy 82 members today.

Commenting on the successful bid to win the £2500 grant, Tim Baxter, DCHI Secretary, said: "[It's] very much an understatement, but we are very pleased indeed to learn that the DCHI has been successful in winning the NHER Community Grant."

"This grant award will enable DCHI to move forward quickly with the design and completion of Phase III of its web site, giving Members a greater presence in the industry and clients better access to them."

Adding: "It will also enable us to buy-in expertise for lectures, and forums for our Members"

Forging and strengthening community and professional relationships

On choosing DCHI to receive the grant, Brian Scannell of NHER said: "In reviewing the applications for the Community Grant, we were impressed with what DCHI were already doing and with their plans for the future.  We hope that the grant will enable them to do even more to support the independent energy assessors and Home Inspectors in their region and we wish them every success for the future."

Explaining the reasons for making the grant available, Brian said: "We established the Energy Assessor Community Grant specifically to recognise the contribution that local groups such as Devon & Cornwall Home Inspectors can make to the lives of energy assessors and Home Inspectors, particularly independent assessors, in their region."

"Such groups can help by organising CPD events, promoting their local members and acting as a link between the profession and the local community, as well as providing a supportive network of social and professional contacts."

"without demand for gain"

Which is something the DCHI have strived to achieve from the start. Tim: "DCHI Members willingly offer help to each other in their businesses and pass leads/disciplines between each other without demand for gain."

Big-up to everyone at DCHI - a fantastic model for all regional groups to follow and a worthy recipient. Clearly an inspiring story of how committed group-members have determined to avoid in-house politics and work only in the best interests of each other, and the local community in which they must work.

There will be a full article profiling the DCHI in next month's ePerformance News.

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Great news
Reply #1 on : Mon October 27, 2008, 20:05:35
Excellent to see a good initiative go to a good home. The future of this industry is in local groups and local relationships, and DCHI have been working very hard to develop something worthwhile.

Well done NES and DCHI.

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Re: NHER award its Energy Assessor Community Grant
Reply #2 on : Tue October 28, 2008, 16:15:16
I agree. Can't think of a more worthy winner well done.

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Re: NHER award its Energy Assessor Community Grant
Reply #3 on : Sun November 02, 2008, 12:13:45

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