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The Editors Cut

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 24-Dec-07 04:24:51 PM

I wasn't in the mood for writing when I began this... oh well.

First off, for anyone remotely interested, I banged this little 5 minute ditty together over the weekend:

ListenEmotionally tested

Featuring some of the previously unheard podcast cock-ups I hadn't deleted from my hard drive - In other words, there are a lot more (and worse) that have!

Also, there are some of the laughs and rants from previous podcasts and an apt ending from Malcolm Scott too (purely coincidental BTW!).

Once again, I thank all guests very much indeed for sharing thier time (and patience) for everyone's benefit (or not!) over the last few months. It has been a pleasure and honour to speak with you all. 

And may I also thank you all for both listening, and supporting the podcasts with your feedback... it is the only real motivating reason for doing them.

They're not professional BBC shows, just honest, unrehearsed, unprepped, recorded conversations... warts 'n' all! Just wanted to point that out to one person in particular ;)

No happy Christmas for DEAs

No happy Christmas messages here, I'm afraid - Maybe next year, but not whilst several thousand DEAs nurse deep financial, emotional and marital wounds as a result of answering the Govt's call to modernise the home-buying experience.

Oh, and let's not forget; to fight climate change (although the fight broke-out elsewhere instead!).

Indeed, the life of the Home Information Pack, thus far, has felt more like a war in which normal, innocent civilians, were invited  to a holiday camp only to discover the shower room to be a gas chamber.

There's one thing about war, however, and that is how it brings people together.

Love, war and the Home Inspector Forum

The HomeInspectorForum has been both a curse and a lifeline to many people. During its time, people have been abused, ridiculed, banned, deleted and exposed.

It has also been the recruiting ground for launching businesses and institutes - Benefactors should never forget that when (hopefully) the good times come; You would never have got there so cheaply and efficiently without the forum, no matter what your views of the place are.

It has also been the number one conduit for sharing first-hand information, rumours and news. A DEA's life is essentially a lonely one; made all the more so thanks to the protracted time it has taken to drag HIPs into being. There has simply been no other place to learn so much, so quickly, and that is because of the people who share it, for whatever motives; pure or otherwise.

Above all, it's the people - past and present - from all corners of the UK who have formed real bonds out of the forum melting pot that will count for years to come.

Without the forum, who else would've listened to your rants and frustrations? Who else would have understood my podcast jokes (oh... right!)?

Without doubt, it has played an influential role shaping the industry at both Government level, and the people within it... intentionally or not.

Ryan, I salute you sir!

Remember the fallen

War then, you see, brings people together - rich or poor; mad or sane; dead or alive - without each person individually, there is no industry to fight for.

So love 'em or hate 'em, if you live on to actually forge a successful new career out of HIPs then you owe them a thanks.

And let us not forget those who have fallen... and those yet to fall. Their sacrifice is as much a part of this industry's foundation as all the surviving founder-DEAs are... You, hopefully!

I suspect there will be many people this Christmas sitting with their (remaining) family's, reflecting seriously on whether what they've come through, will amount to anything enduring next year.

New year's resolution

With a new year, comes new resolutions. For a lot of DEAs, they will be the hardest resolutions ever made... and bitterly painful too.

It is for those that I cannot feel merry this Christmas. But I will wish you a hopeful new year, for both you and your family - I hope whatever you decide to do, it pays off... Lord knows, you deserve it.

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Spot on
Reply #1 on : Mon January 07, 2008, 00:29:45
Finally just listened to this MikeC and its v good, kinda sums up 2007 and its chaotic nature.

Keep up the good work chap and don't let the dark side get you down! You know exactly which negative buggers I am talking about!!
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Re: The Editors Cut
Reply #2 on : Mon January 07, 2008, 12:03:37
Thanks Neil - And thanks for your podcast contributions too ;)

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