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The HIP launch aftermath

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 02-Aug-07 05:34:47 PM

I think many DEAs quietly realised the launch of HIPs would turn out to be more of a puff, than a bang - With only 18% of the market available nationally, who could blame them.

On a positive note though: I've had an email from someone who's first job came in yesterday for an 11-bed mansion!


More good news (for this month anyway): Interest rates remain unchanged.

HIP Casualty

But that wasn't enough to save First Sellers Pack (FSP) from the Administrators, unfortunately.

Administrator BDO Stoy Hayward was appointed to First Sellers Pack (FSP) yesterday (1 August), the day the packs were finally introduced. FSP placed the blame for its "cashflow crisis" squarely on the government's shoulders.


They are looking for a buyer so continue to trade, for the time-being. Fingers crossed for everyone there.

Financially Nervous DEAs

The BBC has a few quotes from DEAs and HIs waiting by the phone for their first job. They are (understandably) frustrated about the money spent training and the time it has taken to come this far:

... after training that lasts up to a year and costs as much as £11,000, not to mention two years of policy confusion, many now find themselves waiting by their phones to see if the gamble has paid off.

They have a quote from a Mrs Coleman, who said:

"I can afford to wait another month or so but there are an awful lot of people who gave up their jobs in June (when the packs were initially due to come in) and aren't in that position."

BBC News

English Heritage Appeals to DEAs

The English Heritage has published an interim guidance report for Domestic Energy Assessors and is seeking feedback on its recommendations.

Domestic Energy Assessors and Licensed Home Inspectors need to be aware that some improvements automatically generated by the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) software can be inappropriate, harmful and sometimes even illegal if applied to traditional and historic homes. While some of the energy improvement recommendations may be suitable for traditionally constructed buildings, it is essential that each is considered carefully before allowing them to remain as positive recommendations.

The document is PDF

And finally...

HipHipHooray's website was down all day yesterday, and remains so now!

I'll cross my other fingers for them too.

So how was your first day?

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