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What’s the idea?

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 14-Apr-09 12:37:20 PM

Jim Gillespie, the self-anointed head of the Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors (IDEA), is running for Mayorship of Hartlepool - Seriously.

Which might explain why the IDEA’s Twitter account and blog has been so quiet of late.

Since Feb 3rd 2009, 50 ‘tweets’ have been posted to IDEA’s Twitter account:

Screenshot: IDEA Twitter account showing last tweet 

Compare that to the 67 posted in just 13 days at his ‘gillespie4mayor’ Twitter account:

Screenshot: Jim 4 Mayor Twitter account 

Campaigning hard for Mayor

That’s not counting the 14 blog-posts made on the ‘Jim Gillespie for Mayor of Hartlepool’ website in just 10 days.

Meanwhile over on the IDEA’s website, just one post since April 8th, and that appears to have been made as an afterthought since it just so happens to be an exact copy of the same post from the Jim Gillespie Hartlepool Mayor blog, published a few hours earlier the same day.

Who will run the IDEA?

Running for the £60,000+ per year position as Hartlepool Mayor is understandably time-consuming, so it would be fair to ask just how much spare time would be available for IDEA duties if elected to serve… particularly since he would be new at the job.

Well, perhaps Stuart Drummond, current Hartlepool Mayor, who's also running for re-election on June 4th, can shed some light.

On describing his first term as Mayor, Mr Drummond said:

"It was like I was having to do six master's degrees in six months — a really steep learning curve for me," Drummond now reflects. "It took me 12 to 18 months to get a feel for things, and I decided to go on lots of courses (including a spell at the Improvement and Development Agency's leadership academy) to get acquainted with everything."

Stuart Drummond seeks re-election as Hartlepool mayor | Society | The Guardian

Unless the terms of Mr Gillespie’s self-written clause has been altered, his role as IDEA chairman is assured for at least another year. 

The question is self-evident then: can the £60,000/yr demands of being a Mayor run alongside those of an institute, let alone his other business of financial adviser and property management? 

PS... Let’s hope a vote in Hartlepool is not the same as a vote within the IDEA: Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors Chairman Ignores Vote.

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Re: What’s the idea?
Reply #1 on : Wed April 15, 2009, 19:06:37
From an IDEA member I wish the very best of luck...... to Hartlepool!


Posts: 2
Re: What’s the idea?
Reply #2 on : Sat May 02, 2009, 18:22:29
OMG!!!! does this mean he is leaving the industry? I dont know if I should laugh in relief for us (IDEA) or cry for Hartlepool.

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