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Liquidation will commence 5th February 2008

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 25-Jan-08 02:03:46 PM

Since revealing that Habitus Surveyors Ltd had been placed into Administration, back in November last year, this site has been bombarded with traffic from concerned entities seeking information via the search engines. Usually this behaviour dies down after a few days, but in the case of this story, it has remained consistent to this day.

There appears to be a little confusion as to the official circumstances of the company. I felt it's probably incumbent upon me, therefore, to provide an update.

Administration or Liquidation?

Following a conversation with B&C Associates - the Insolvency Practitioners currently "holding the baby" - the bank responsible for pulling the plug on Habitus Surveyors Ltd, could not immediately decide on whether to place it into Administration - thus providing the company with a possible lifeline - or Liquidation.

The bank has now decided to formally liquidate the company which will commence from the date of a creditors' meeting, scheduled for 5th February 2008.

A B&C Associates official told me that all creditor's should have received both the date, venue, and forms needed to lodge claims and/or attend the meeting.

However, if you have not, you are urged to contact B&C Associates (contact details below).

Are B&C Associates connected with Habitus Surveyors?

Various comments have suggested the registered company address of Habitus Surveyors Ltd - having recently changed to that of B&C Associates, according to Companies House records - signalled a possible connection between the two businesses.

The change of address, I'm informed, is to ensure all claims served on the registered company address, correctly reach B&C Associates - I was told they have a duty to take such steps but it confers no other (past) association between the two businesses.

Note: B&C Associates' continued involvement with these proceedings has to be agreed at the meeting of creditors.

"Improper" trading behaviour?

There have been various allegations of irresponsible trading, including trading whilst insolvent. I was told there was, as yet, nothing to suggest irresponsible practice.

It was stressed, however, that such scrutiny would only really begin once company liquidation was in progress. Anyone having claims in this regard will be able to make them in due course.

Contact B&C Associates

Trafalgar House, Grenville Place, Mill Hill, London, NW7 3SA
Tel: 020 8906 7730


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Reply #1 on : Wed February 06, 2008, 22:39:22
I have a complaint with habitus and had heard nothing from them since November last year until I received a letter from Mr Butler on 18th January informing me that they had gone into liquidation. Mr Butler is the Chief Surveyor according to the correspondance I have had, and Mr Cackett was their Senior Surveyor. Does B&C Assocaites have any relationship with Messers Butler and Cackett?

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