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Shadow Housing Minister writes on forum!

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 20-Nov-07 12:09:44 AM


A few weeks ago I caught an episode of West Wing. One of the White House dude's felt the need to respond to comments made on a political internet forum.

The White House Press Officer got wind and verbally disembowelled said White House dude.


Tonight, Shadow Housing Minister, Grant Shapps, feels the need to comment on the Home Inspector Forum (HIF)!

Well... I'm assuming it was him - I have no reason to doubt otherwise, particularly given the content of his message.

Anyway, I'm not going to steal his thunder by re-printing its content here (link below - it basically just reiterates current Conservative policy)... apart from the following snippet:

It's easy to see how people would discuss their energy rating around the dinner table, in just the same way as friends will talk about which colour recycling boxes sit outside their home.

I imagine he must be in great demand on the after-dinner speech circuit.

Read all of the party political broadcast message here: Why DEAs will be better off once HIPs are scrapped

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