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First Day Marketing extended 'til 1st June 2008

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 22-Nov-07 12:42:58 PM

It's what you've all been painfully waiting for: HIPs on all residential properties from 14th December 2007.

About time, eh!


First Day Marketing

we are also extending the temporary provisions on first day marketing for all properties from 1 January to 1 June, providing flexibility for sellers as part of the roll out to one and two bedroom properties.

Source (Official announcement): Home Information Pack - Full roll out of HIPs

I have to say, this is all still too painfully slow considering the state of the economy and the launch coming bang slap in the middle of the traditionally slow season.

But, soak it in. There is a light somewhere down this tunnel.

Slow searches

The time and cost variations of searches are highlighted in the Government statement. They are, therefore, stepping-in with the publication of further details for access and charges, in December:

...there are still wide variations in costs and services and we want to see further improvements for consumers. We will therefore publish guidance on access and charging in December for local authorities and personal searchers with the aim of speeding up searches and delivering a fairer deal for consumers.

HIP Leasehold requirements amended temporarily

Leasehold documents have proved to be the treacle on the pavement for several HIP Providers. Adding complications, time and costs to the whole process of compiling the necessary HIP documents.

The Government are, therefore, phasing-in the introduction of leasehold information for a period of six months. The leashold document itself will still be required: ensure continued smooth roll out we will phase the introduction of leasehold information in response to stakeholder concerns. We will temporarily amend the HIP regulations so that the lease document itself must be included, but other leasehold information will be introduced as a requirement in six months time.

Later today, I have Paul Broadhead, Deputy Chief Executive of AHIPP, on the podcast (assuming this announcement hasn't put a spanner in the works [Added: It did]]). So I daresay this will be the prominent topic of the hour.

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