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Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 31-Oct-07 09:20:23 PM

In case you don't know; are conducting a free webinar (online seminar) covering commercial Energy Performance Certificates.

From April 2008, all commercial property of more than 500 sq m will need an energy performance certificate when sold, let or refurbished.

Property Week will broadcast a free online seminar on this hot topic on Tuesday 13 November from 12pm. Readers can see and hear the broadcast from their desks.

As I mentioned, it is free although you do need to register - Which I personally wouldn't mind but for the fact the registration form requires your full address details too!

Furthermore, you must agree to their privacy policy which, upon further inspection, reveals:

...we assume that people providing their email addresses are opting in to receive email messages from third parties.

To withdraw your consent you must ask in writing - No, not email, letter!

Further on it declares:

We may share, sell or distribute your Personal Data to carefully selected third parties for marketing and direct selling purposes in order for you to receive offers, news and information from such third parties about their products and/or services.

So don't expect to see my name there.

Come on guys, get with it!

More details: Property Week Webinar.

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Property Week Webinar
Reply #1 on : Tue October 14, 2008, 20:09:07
Contrary to the information publisized on the sign up page for the Property Weeks Webinar the legislation states that an EPC certificate is required on properties that exceed 50sq m not 500sq m as stated.

If a commercial landlord, agent or tenant has any queries in regards to the legislation please do not hesitate to telephone us for free advise.

Kind regards

Simon J Brooker

EPC Business Solutions Ltd

Tel: 0845 194 7330

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commercial EPC query
Reply #2 on : Tue November 18, 2008, 10:31:12

I have been recently been made redundant and I am considering training as a commercial energy assessor. Having already identified a training provider whose course starts early Dec, I am conducting further research before I commit myself to the time and cost implications of re-training. In relation to this I was hoping that you could provide me with an indication of how much work is actually out there in the present climate. I am aware of the statistics offered by various training providers but would very much like to hear from someone involved in producing EPC’s on commercial properties in the real world.

I hope you can find the time to reply to my email as any information you can provide would be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks

Neil Nicholas

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Re: Online seminar from
Reply #3 on : Tue November 18, 2008, 15:10:07
Hi Neil

I suggest you read:

That's about the most up-to-date "status report" available at the moment.

Good luck

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Energy Assessor
Reply #4 on : Wed December 16, 2009, 16:14:38
Could you tell me which course is likely to be on demand. I guess there is domestic and commercial. Is it better or sensible to do both courses (as combined)?
Is the government providing funding for these courses?

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help the EPC...
Reply #5 on : Wed May 26, 2010, 11:01:34
Though it now looks that the EPC will be taken down the HIP route for the future, as they are planning to put a life of 10 years on each EPC which could basically mean it makes it out dated and useless simular to that of the HIP. For the property industry its massive and it is definitly on the minds of those in Brighton and Hove.

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