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Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 29-Jan-10 06:00:02 PM

Yesterday’s newsblast is below – sorry I didn’t have time to blog-it until now.

Today, Nick Grant (ecominimalnick) on Twitter, wrote:

Mark's Passivhaus gets a C Energy Performance Certificate.

We don’t know who Mark is, but the point is certainly one that should concern the industry. [Update: we do know who Mark is now: it's Mark Tiramani - more on this story on the next blog-post, Quidos announce free lodgement February]

Back in 2008, a member of the public dropped-in to this site complaining about how his "NIL carbon" house – featured on the Energy Saving Trust’s website as a model energy-efficient home – achieved a miserly EPC rating of F.

We contribute NIL Carbon from our heating and hot water now (it's all from replanted forests within 10 miles of our home) and we pay under £50 a year (yes, you read that right - we have a licence to extract as much waste timber as we wish).

EPC Forces Home off Property Market

The homeowner was furious and withdrew his property from the market. The post also prompted another member of the public to chime-in with a similar experience (see comments in the above post)

As I mention in this newsblast, with the Code for Sustainable Homes rolling out to the private sector this year, how long before those new occupants place their homes on the market only to discover the EPC scores-down their prized CSH property? Who’s going to cop for the legal bill?

It’s only a matter of time.

EPC v Passivhaus; Quidos teases us (again) and oil supply constraints

Yesterday’s newsblast

This is a double-length newsblast:

  • Quidos hint at free EPC lodgement fees;
  • Training providers exposed on Radio 4;
  • FOI refusal on Landmark contract diclosure challenged;
  • FPIP meeting announced;
  • HIP Reform Group cherry-picking;
  • Shell scales down Canadian tar sands excavation.

Newsblast, Thurs 28th Jan

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