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The slope to xmas valley begins

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 05-Nov-09 01:57:04 PM

The number of domestic (RdSAP) EPCs lodged on the HCR Register slid from 183,292 in September, to 175,332 in October 09 – a fall of 4.34%.

Year-on-year, the fall on paper is even more dramatic; crashing by just over a third (34.32%) from 266,954 in Oct 08. But as we know, last year’s all-time October peak was an anomaly triggered by the rush of landlords reacting to new legislation.

EPC lodgement graph

The EPC countdown

Wouldn’t it be interesting to have a rough idea of how many homes are still yet to receive an EPC?

I downloaded a spreadsheet of household statistics from the ONS to work out how I might knock-up an EPC countdown-o-meter-thingy-widget-doofer, but then noticed this today on the HCRregister:

Please note these figures will include cancelled / not for issue reports and multiple reports on a single Unique Property Reference Number.

I know my memory is fading but I don’t recall seeing that before.

So, over to you, Landmark… would it be too difficult to match UPRNs with an EPC, from the total without (he say’s ignorantly)?

Anyway, for the record, the total number of EPCs issued, as of midnight, was:

  • Domestic RdSAP – 3,494,635
  • Domestic SAP – 278,180

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drop in EPCs
Reply #1 on : Fri November 06, 2009, 10:33:45
I have found that here in the Edinburgh and Borders areas that peole are ignoring EPCs completely. I am finding that the small landlords with less than 5 houses completely indifferent. With most saying they were ignorant of the new legislation. What we need is CLG to advertise on local tv, informing and educating Landlords on their responsibility.

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