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Quidos v HES: invoice cock-up (again!)

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 13-Dec-07 11:46:41 PM

This would be funny if there wasn't so many innocent people hostage to the situation.

It's been 21 days since Quidos petitioned for a Winding-up Order against HES because of a payment dispute between the two companies; making today, judgement day.

Time for a recap here: Back on the 17th Nov 2007, HES issued a statement claiming Quidos had "wrongly invoiced [HES] on several occasions".

All of which makes the following all the more embarrassing for Quidos. HomeInspectorForum member,, has tonight posted the following on today's latest developments:

It appears that Quidos quoted the wrong invoice numbers in their winding up order on HES so they're starting the whole process again.

Quidos - The Home Inspector Forum

I suspect someone in accounts is sat at home tonight feeling thoroughly flame-grilled after this.

I suspect all DEAs affected by this will be sat at home tonight incandescent with fury at the prospect of having to wait until the back-end of January 2008 before having any clearer vision of their future... that's if they haven't already jacked-it-in by then.

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