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British Property Federation want DECs made ”obligatory for the private sector”

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 26-May-09 04:44:32 PM

The British Property Federation (BPF) will this week call on Government to expand the obligatory use of Display Energy Certificates (DECs) to private commercial buildings too, saying that “energy performance certificates (EPCs) only offer theoretical information on a building’s design – data likely to change drastically once a tenant is inside. EPCs don’t measure actual energy use.”

It has the backing of companies with large property portfolios, including British Land, Hammerson, Hermes, Land Securities, Legal and General. Prupim and SEGRO.

The BPF is frustrated that landlords have no say in what goes on inside buildings occupied by tenants and wants EU laws to force landlords and tenants to share energy data based on actual energy use, so both parties can share the costs of taking action, aided by tax incentives.

It also criticises the labyrinthine grants and advice system:

Despite setting up the new Department for Energy and Climate Change there has been no clear policy direction in government with various other departments all covering the same ground. A staggering 70 national and 96 regional bodies currently offer energy efficiency advice. The BPF therefore wants greater clarity on grants and advice that could help green the nation’s buildings. An array of financial benefits already exist but few people really know about them.

Property Giants Urge Green Overhaul as Govt Targets Fail: British Property Federation

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