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Has the tide turned?

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 24-Jan-08 05:19:00 PM

An interesting post appeared on the Home Inspector Forum (link below) yesterday sharing one person's frustration in trying to (unsuccessfully) locate a DEA in the Birmingham area to conduct an EPC.

A quick reminder: According to the last DEA numbers update from the CLG, there were 561 accredited DEAs in the West Midlands area.

The lady-in-question tapped her postcode into the Landmark database and came up with 20 DEAs... Only three of which, apparently, local to the Birmingham area!

OK, it's well documented how Landmark randomises results blah blah... I don't wish to get too sidetracked with that issue, even though it seems likely to have compounded her frustrations.

Short-listing credible DEAs

Here is a concern which should be cause for reflection should it apply to you:

The lady found it difficult to choose which DEAs to contact because they had little to no (useful) information on the HCR register and had only given a mobile telephone number.

I have to concur with her view on the first impression mobile telephone numbers create. Yes, I know this is 2008 and all that; and I know that some of you out on the road all day - with no one to take calls - will reason it's better than not having any number at all. But they are your reasons.

And as it is 2008, ask yourself: What types of businesses only advertise mobile numbers as their primary means of contact?

Then ask yourself: Is this profession that type of business? Do the public perceive this as that type of business?

Plus, does your client want to pay mobile phone rates?

10 DEAs - No takers, no service, no EPC

Anyway, the lady selects 10 DEAs to contact. Here's what happened:

    • 2 did not answer their phone and did not have voicemail
    • 3 had voicemail but 2 did not respond to the message she left
    • 2 had secretaries/partners who's only response was 'he isn't here'
    • 2 refused the fairly reasonable fee of £75 (for a basic 3 bed semi)
    • 1 simply said they didn't do epcs anymore (but still listed on Landmark).

Yesterday, the lady was still without an EPC, prompting her contact in the North to post on the forum.

Lesson's learnt - Are you serious?

So what can we draw from this?

Clearly, it's:

  • Are you reachable?
  • Do partners/secretaries know what information to ask for (and give)?
  • Why can't they book your diary?
  • Do you respond to messages/enquiries?
  • Are you treating this seriously?

Pretty standard and obvious stuff people, come on!

Delving a little deeper, however, I think we also have to lay some blame on the HCR Register; I'm not sure it would be fair to criticise DEAs living 60-80 miles away for not returning calls. And that's not withstanding the customer-experience provided by the search results which "forced" her to call them, either.

But maybe it's also an indication that DEAs have left the industry. There definitely seems to be more DEAs reporting brisker business since the new year. But is that because there are fewer DEAs in circulation?

Or is it perhaps because more DEAs are now employed DEAs?

There are two things, however, that we can possibly deduce going forward: If this lady's experience becomes commonplace then it may well signal a possible future rise in fees...

...but those fees will go to those most able and equipped to service clients.

You can read between the lines there, I'm sure.

It does leave one last remaining question, however: What are you doing to ensure it's you?

finding a dea - The Home Inspector Forum

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Re: Has the tide turned?
Reply #1 on : Fri February 01, 2008, 13:42:45
"the fairly reasonable fee of £75"?!?!?!?!?!?
I think therein lies the problem. Low fee, no takers.

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Re: i help for your about dea
Reply #2 on : Sat August 30, 2008, 09:01:47
dear sir i want help you what i join dea course plse help me i want your dession thanks

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