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London has shortage of DEAs apparently

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 01-Sep-07 12:27:16 AM

Guardian Unlimited Money has a story implying that London could be a pressure point when it comes to the availability of domestic energy assessors (DEAs), citing a study conducted by Rightmove:

[Rightmove] has looked at the number of homes with three or more bedrooms put up for sale each month. In June, the figure for London was 13,800, while in the relatively quiet month of July it was 12,800. With the capital boasting 265 fully qualified and approved assessors, that works out at around 48 to 52 properties per assessor per month.

(Emphasis mine)

Source: Hips: can it get any worse? (Guardian)

Time for inspection

OK let's look at the figures quoted and do the last bit of work that makes this a non-story then:

Taking even their top figure of 52 new properties per month requiring an Energy Performance Certificate - according to my calculations - equates to a massive number of EPCs a day to...


(Based on a four week month and a five-day working week)

Leaving fees aside, that appears to be roughly what the industry is expecting anyway! Still, I suppose it gets Rightmove's name in the paper.

DEAs in East Anglia should worry - The real story

No, the real story for DEAs in the East Anglia area is contained in the last sentence:

However, home sellers in East Anglia should have no problems finding someone to come round and inspect their boiler and radiators; there, the number is about 15 per month.

(Again, emphasis mine)

15 EPCs a month!

Let's hope that becomes a non-story too.

Still, the article is worth a read because it does start off with LMS calling-out two Local Authorities for restricting the number of personal searches they will perform a day (the worst one being 2 searches per company at one time).

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