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Evidence of Slowdown?

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 21-Sep-07 01:24:17 PM

So how many Domestic Energy Assessors are there now?

Last DEA numbers update was 6th September 2007 (3994 accredited) which marked an increase of 553 newly accredited DEAs over the previous fortnight.

Today's figures are 4 days old and show an increase of 321 DEAs... But! They represent only 7 working days since the last update (compared to 11 last time).

So a bit of maths is needed to extrapolate a comparable [clickety-click]

In this update there has been a daily average of 46 new accreditations.

So multiply by 11 (days) and we get a total of 506 - A decrease of 47!

Here's the breakdown:

Assessor Numbers as of 17th September 2007
StageNumber of assessors/candidates
Accredited 4315
Qualified 926
Passed exams 3728
Total in system who have passed exams or progressed further 8969

DEAs in the pipeline

Total numbers in the system has increased by 293 - Doing the same maths as above [clickety-click]... and we can loosely extrapolate a comparable (over 11 working days) of 462 new entrants.

That translates to an average of 231 a week - A decrease from the 372 new DEAs in the last update.

Of course, the inconsistency in the "rhythm" of updates makes extrapolating numbers a messy business when we have to look forward in this way - One has to wonder if there is a method to the madness here [scratches chin].

Regional distribution of accredited Domestic Energy Assessors

DEAs accredited by region
RegionNumber Accredited as of 17th September
North West 548
North East 190
Yorkshire & the Humber 375
East Midlands 294
West Midlands 415
Eastern 454
London 350
South East 723
South West 528
Wales 236
Unknown 202
Total 4315

The numbers of DEAs in the South East continues to grow rapidly with 723 DEAs (657 previously) along with the South West (488 last time).

What no one knows, of course, is the magic number the Government is really looking for before rolling-out to full-market - Since there is no transparency concerning their little 'lessons learnt' clause, one can only assume they must actually be enjoying hanging people out to dry.

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Re: Evidence of Slowdown?
Reply #1 on : Tue October 09, 2007, 21:56:38
So when and who will do something about stopping the training companies getting richer and richer and putting us in impossible positions of no work and no chance of any?

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To many DEA's - Not enough money
Reply #2 on : Thu October 23, 2008, 12:15:23
It may be of interest (or not) but I have been accredited for nearly a year and haven't done any EPC's yet, and nor am I likely to do any at these prices. (£45).
After deductions of lodgement costs, fuel time etc etc, please don't anybody have the cheek to tell me that there is a living to be made, because THERE ISN'T.
For all those idiots out there that say "I can do 7-10 epc's a day that's £450 a day"
I say that you are either living at home with mummy and daddy,you drive their car with their fuel, you eat their food, and on top of all that they give you pocket money to get by on, or you are simply NOT doing the job correctly, and are cutting every conceivable corner to put a few more pounds in your pocket.
I originally did the training because I thought it would be a bit of an insurance policy for when I retire, to maybe do a couple a week at a £100 each , boy oh boy have I made a mistake or what ?
All I can say to anyone who is thinking of doing the training is quite simply this, DON'T. Not unless you are prepared to work for next to nothing, or if of course you have a rich partner and money isn't that important ! In finishing I'd just like to point out how stupid all DEA'S are.
A plumber, electrician, solicitor,consultant,joiner, anyone who knows their worth will TELL YOU what you owe them for doing a job. A stupid DEA will say " How much will you give me" ? An estate agent will say £45 all in, the DEA will say "Oh yea no probs" Don't forget you are a trained professional !!!!!
A women rang me last night to do an EPC on her rented flat, and guess what ? she asked me how much I would charge for doing it, I told her £100, she accepted straight away and asked when could I do it ? You know what ? I told her I was to busy and advised her to ring another DEA. I just can't be bothered anymore. It's a good thing that I have another job eh ?
Oh yes C.P.D,I think I've got 1 hours worth, so it looks as though I'm finished.
but to all you budding DEA's out there, carry on lads, there's a fortune to be made!!!!

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