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Time out already!

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 06-Sep-07 03:55:27 PM

Oh boy... The meat factory keeps on churning 'em out!

Since the last update on 22nd August (2 weeks ago), 553 new Domestic Energy Assessors have become accredited!

That's an increase of 81 newly accredited DEAs over the last update number (472)!

Assessor Numbers as of 6th September 2007
StageNumber of assessors/candidates
Accredited 3994
Qualified 788
Passed exams 3894
Total in system who have passed exams or progressed further 8676

It gets worse!

In the last update there was average increase of 299.5 new DEAs entering the system per week.

Since then, that number has shot up to: 372 per week!

It's certainly showing too... I've noticed an influx of lost and disillusioned newbies posting in the HomeInspectorForum.

Regional distribution of accredited Domestic Energy Assessors

DEAs accredited by region
RegionNumber Accredited as of 22nd August
North West 511
North East 172
Yorkshire & the Humber 345
East Midlands 272
West Midlands 391
Eastern 435
London 313
South East 657
South West 488
Wales 224
Unknown 186
Total 3994

Don't like this either...

Look at the South East: 657 (564) An increase of 93 in two weeks!

What have the CLG done?!

What are they doing?

What are the IHI and iDEA doing? Aren't they supposed to be working to safeguard the industry? Shouldn't they be saying something about this?

Quite angry at the moment.

Oh yeah... the CLG numbers update page.

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Posts: 5
Reply #1 on : Tue October 02, 2007, 13:51:40
Over 4k now and climbing. When you say "safeguard the industry" do you mean "protect my investment" by any chance? As far as we punters are concerned the more the merrier as it will drive down the extortionate cost of these half baked HIPS!

Posts: 5
Is it worth training to do HIPs now?
Reply #2 on : Thu October 25, 2007, 14:26:05
So is it worth getting trained to be a HIPs assessor now or are there enough out there already?
Posts: 1
Re: Time out already!
Reply #3 on : Thu October 25, 2007, 14:51:53
Rupert - More than enough, trust!

Posts: 5
Reply #4 on : Tue April 29, 2008, 15:32:39
I went to a sales meeting with a hiphip provider this week and spoken to another. They have both said there are too many of the basic energy assessors around but need more people to actually put the full hip pack together. Its alot of money to risk not getting enough work after it. What about the commercial side of the assessments? is it better to get into that now?

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Home Inspectors
Reply #5 on : Tue May 13, 2008, 15:15:11
Hi Simon, I too went to one of those meetings, and heard the same sadi i.e too many energy inspectors not enough Home condition inspectors. Yours wasn't by chance Home Inpector training, with sister company HipHipHooray was it?
I too am wondering wether or not to proceed? What info did you get back if any?

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Reply #6 on : Thu September 18, 2008, 12:35:28
The simple fact is there are a lot of training companies out there and they need to keep churning trainees to make any money. People are becoming wise to the DEA training scam so the trainers are now focusing on the searches. You expect to spend a grand to be trained to earn more than a professional? I don't think so. It was pretty optimistic of the DEA's to think they could spend £2k-£3k to train for a career in which they could earn above the average wage but the promises they were given and are still being given suckered the more gullible. The same promises are now being given to search trainees. The simple fact is there is no business you can train for in three days no matter how much it costs. End of. You also need PI cover of £2m individual search cover. Clients to sell your searches to, etc You need to be members of PCCB and they will audit you. You need systems in place to archive the original documents you obtain site notes insurance etc for six years and unlike the EPC a solicitor will examine every search you do and believe me they are good.

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