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...and we're off (again)!

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 02-Nov-07 01:38:53 AM

Here we go again!

Numbers of DEAs

Reminder: Last DEA numbers update was 14 days ago.

Assessor Numbers as of 30th October 2007
StageNumber of assessors/candidates

5,490 (+340)

Qualified 975 (-1)
Passed exams 3722 (+100)
Total in system who have passed exams or progressed further 10,187 (+439)

Accreditation slowdown: Previously, they rose by 494; this time: 340.

Total growth rising: Previously, numbers only rose by 67; now they're on the way back up: 439.

Just when you thought we'd turned a corner, eh?!

DEAs by Region

DEAs accredited by region
RegionNumber Accredited as of 30th Oct 2007
North West 675 (+48)
North East 260 (+31)
Yorkshire & the Humber 449 (+28)
East Midlands 384 (+22)
West Midlands 518 (+24)
East of England 563 (+32)
London 439 (+32)
South East 904 (+46)
South West 660 (+32)
Wales 305 (+28)
Unknown 333 (+17)
Total 5150 (+340)

Well, according to the Civil Servant speaking at the SAVA conference earlier this week, the Govt is waiting for more London DEAs - Will 32 more please Her Majesty's Government?

Or should we plunge a few more businesses and DEAs over the financial edge?

It's like the old fairground game, innit: "Shove 'a Penny"!

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Re: ...and we're off (again)!
Reply #1 on : Fri November 02, 2007, 11:27:10
I became a qualified and accredited DEA in Sept.07 and since then I have carried out just 11 epc's (average 2/week). Throughout this time there are an abundance of training courses being carried out which quite obviously flood the sector with DEA's. The training providers are making ambitious statements like OTE £50K + etc. just to dangle a large carrot in order to bring yet more recruits into an already saturated arena. These mislead individuals are then parting with large sums of their money and the training providers are doing very well out of it.

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