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New DEA accreditations rise by 472

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 23-Aug-07 03:32:00 PM

Numbers of accredited Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) have risen by 472, according to figures released by the Govt today. This takes the total number of accredited DEAs to 3441 - Surpassing the number needed (3000) for full market implementation of Home Information Packs (HIPs).

The full picture, including those in training, looks like this:

Assessor Numbers as of 22nd August 2007
StageNumber of assessors/candidates
Accredited 3441
Qualified 597
Passed exams 3964
Total in system who have passed exams or progressed further 8002

So it's been one-day shy of two working weeks since our last update - In that update, I noted that there had been a slowdown in the rate of increase of aspiring DEAs entering the system; from 589 per week, to 219.

In the last two weeks however, the numbers have seemingly crept up again, now averaging 299.5 per week!

Oh boy!

Let's now look at regional distribution.

Regional distribution of accredited Domestic Energy Assessors

DEAs accredited by region
RegionNumber Accredited as of 22nd August
North West 442
North East 147
Yorkshire & the Humber 281
East Midlands 232
West Midlands 326
Eastern 382
London 265
South East 564
South West 422
Wales 193
Unknown 187
Total 3441

The DEA hotspots seem to be in the:

  • North West
  • South East
  • South West

Which combined, represent an increase of 229 newly accredited DEAs since the last update... just under half of all new accreditations in the last two weeks.

I think there will be a demand for DEAs in these areas as DEAs themselves seek to move to less saturated regions!

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