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Tips and a warning

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 26-Aug-08 05:54:07 PM

Directory watchlist

Your own page: ideally, your business listing should be on its own page - no point in sharing it with others.

Correct URL: mouse-over link to your site and look at the status bar - if you don't see your website address, avoid unless it's a quality website.

no-follow: examine the source code of a company's listing and find the link. If, within the code surrounding the link, you see rel="nofollow", avoid.

Quality: is the directory genuinely useful? Easy to navigate? You get the drift.

Over time I've been watching the rise of directory websites targeting the pockets of Domestic Energy Assessors.

Few are worthwhile.

Most are truly, pathetically, amateur and have absolutely no interest in anything other than lightening your pocket.

Some of you unwittingly help in their pursuits too, by linking to them from your own sites.

Some DEA directory websites go out of their way to spam DEA forums under a pseudonym, pretending to recommend directories they don't own.

Blagging it

And then, when they lure enough of you into their databases for free - just enough to fake popularity - they try and blag others into buying it (and your details):

this directory has currently 200 niche members that have had a free ride for now. soon i will be charging a fee for their entry. this will be possible due to the fact they all get work from my site at a rate of £150 a time.

UK Niche Directory [Update (20/01/09): the domain in question has seemingly been sold, I've just discovered, so the page has now gone.]


Not even back in December (when that was posted) were DEAs getting that!

Dodging ads

Do yourself a favour, though: if the directory you are considering involves dodging Google Ads with your mouse, displays entries below-the-fold (have to scroll-down before seeing results) and has content similar to this (real example):

EPCs & HIPs An Energy Performance Certificate is the most basic 'required' affidavit in a Home Information Pack or HIPs. Included in the HIP as a key part of Government's action to help make Britain have a greener property market, EPCs have really increased the speed the buying/selling process, making this section faster.

...then hit the back button.

(The above is a classic example of template text ('prolly ripped from another site) which has been rewritten many times by software replacing certain words with synonyms during each rewrite)

PS... make sure you're included on my directory (it's free, see the freakin' big green button down below), and don't forget to throw us a link too - it'll help bury the dodgy sites.

Get listed on the DEA locater - FREE!

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EPC Directory
Reply #1 on : Tue February 24, 2009, 19:43:43 is a landlords website we would like to provide a list of dea for landlords. We would prefer to simply link to a credible source. Alternatively will list DEA on the site for free.

At present we work with EPC choice, we do not derive any commission simply trying to ensure landlords comply with the law

Which site would you recommend for a list of suppliers

Regard s

Anthony Merrick
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Re: Tips and a warning
Reply #2 on : Tue February 24, 2009, 20:23:13
Hi Anthony

This very website has DEAs landlords can find and use - just hit the homepage and search by county from the dropdown box.

I like to think it's credible; I do periodically (about once a month) review entries to weed out "gamers" or incorrect submissions (warning to DEAs - make sure you fill-in details correctly!) and anyone no longer in business, to the best of my ability.


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Reply #3 on : Fri March 06, 2009, 21:07:56
Hi Hth

Many thanks for your response. We have been evaluating the market and have decided to incorporate a search facility for Landlords to find an EPC supplier.

Whilst I looked at the seach facility it was not suitable for our needs. Can't say too much axcept we support such sites that promote EPC assessors direct to Landlords. I would be grateful of any constructive critism how we can improve the content of EPC on our site.

We have been approached several times about adding HIPS content. Would anybody recommed a suitable partner for HIPS content suppliers



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