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Calling all DEAs claiming JSA - Linda needs you!

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 01-Jul-07 04:36:40 PM

Linda Gray has been an active force in making the position of prospective Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) known to the higher echelons of Govt, and many have lots to thank her for, for that.

As discussed in our last podcast - the Ruth Kelly debrief - Linda raised the plight of those DEAs who had packed-in their previous jobs to be ready on June 1st 2007 to begin their new careers as Domestic Energy Assessors.

For those that don't know; Voluntarily resignations immediately disqualifies you from drawing Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) for a period of - I think - at least 6 weeks... and then only at a reduced rate for a further period of time.

Clearly, for those with mortgages and family commitments etc... the decision to delay the launch of Home Information Packs for two months, is an extremely worrying time for those who have dutifully made themselves available for work, only to be deemed by the State, that they have deliberately made themselves unemployed!

Linda was assured by Ruth Kelly at their meeting that she would look into the matter (whatever that means!) and get back to her.

She hasn't. Despite several weeks passing by.

Today, is a new month - That means mortgage payments and other monthly bills becoming due...

... and the Govt want qualified DEAs to commit several hundred more pounds to accredit and tool-up before August 1st 2007!

Linda is not happy, understandably.

And so she is asking for case histories from those financially-distressed DEAs-in-waiting:

... we have members out there, who for a period (six weeks, I believe) cannot claim any benefits due to the fact they made themselves voluntarily jobless by resigning their post ready to start work June 1st.
It may be I need to publish some of these so please be aware of that, and expressly tell me if you don't want your story going any further.

She goes on to ask:

If you don't want to give your story it would still be helpful to get some idea of the numbers together.

I think this is a can of worms for the Govt TBH.

The situation, as it stands in the eyes of the benefit system, is really no different, say, from those in self-employment, whom, for whatever array of reasons, may find that a contract, or other promise of work, is suddenly put-back or cancelled.

For example, a plasterer books a big job and clears the diary for 4 weeks. He arrives at the job on the appointed day only to find the bricklayers are still putting the walls up.

Now, the plasterer may well have a contingency built into the contract for this eventuality, but clearly, that isn't the case with DEAs and Govt.

For Govt to make exceptions for DEAs would open the whole benefit system to scrutiny because such an arbitrary ruling wouldn't go un-noticed.

Whether a deal could be cut on the quiet, is one thing, but then the difficulty is in making the decision to kick-up a public fuss beforehand.

The DEA Sausage Machine

IMO, the Govt are taking a risk predicated upon new entrants - innocent to the politics and wider problems - being churned out of the training machine to bail them out.

Their immediate concern is to reach 2000 DEAs. After that, they can afford to relax a little and let the machine continue its meat production to replace the meat that has "gone-off".

In effect, the current crop of DEAs could be considered as sacrificial pawns... It's a view I can't help but have empathy with.

God help us when the next recession hits (and it will) 'cos the current ring of barbed wire surrounding the benefit system will cripple many, many people... but that's another topic!

If you find yourself in the void described, or have a story to relate, email Linda or make contact with her through her forum. It's gotta be worth a shot.

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Signing on
Reply #1 on : Wed July 04, 2007, 08:15:45
Left Job to train, when 1st June failed to happen signed on and even though resigned from paid job recieved Job Seekers Allowance although not much better than a poke in the eye.

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