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Free DEA Service Agreements Plus More!

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 26-Jun-07 11:15:39 PM

Free Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) agreements for Domestic Energy Assessors are being made available to download, including:

  • Service Agreement (for client)
  • Working Practice (for client)
  • Seller's Pack
  • Associate Agreement (between DEAs)

I know Andrew Edmondson has put a great deal of time and thought into producing these (as well as having them checked-out) and it is a noble effort, particularly as he's making them freely available to all Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) for their own use and adaptation.

Obviously, it would be negligent of me to offer any seal of approval as to the effectiveness of the agreements in the field-of-play, but it is, at least, a good start, and should save considerable time for those DEAs facing this potentially expensive and worrying challenge in their journey.

And so on its merits alone, I'm happy to offer the link to encourage you to check them out and offer him oppinions, encouragement, thanks and/or help to improve them.

He's even knocked you up a letter of introduction to clients plus a letter containing a Service Agreement.

Well done, Andrew, keep-up the good work ;)

Oh, the link: Free DEA Agreements

More on: DEA Terms and Conditions - Getting it Right

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