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CLG confusion

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 07-Dec-07 03:09:54 PM

Following on from the podcast with Paul Broadhead of AHIPP, I promised to present my findings on what the various accreditation schemes require to satisfy their CPD requirements. So here they are.

Before booking your place on that CPD course (or Life Long Learning (LLL), as it's technically called), you should first check whether it needs approval from your accreditation scheme, lest it not be credited against the hours required... if there is a requirement! 

When Brian Scannell (SAVA) said on the podcast that all LLL courses must first be NHER-approved, it came as quite a revelation to both DEAs and LLL training organisers alike. When Philip Salaman (Quidos) repeated the same, I decided to contact all the accreditation schemes to find out what their requirements were, if any.

And as you will see, they are not all the same.

LLL training requirements by accreditation scheme
OrganisationCourse approval required?Hours (annual)
BRE (Buildings Research Establishment) Yes 20
Elmhurst No 10
NHER (NES) No 10 (recommended)
Northgate Yes 20
RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) No 20
Quidos Yes 12
EPC Ltd (ECMK) See below 16
Home Inspector Certification Ltd No 10
Stroma No 20


The definitive CPD/LLL requirements guide

[Added: 25/03/08] Hear (or read) exclusive interviews with the accreditation schemes explaining exactly what their CPD/LLL requirements are: CPD Requirements for Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA).

LLL confusion

You will notice the differing requirements, particularly within the hours column.

According to almost everyone I spoke with, the pre-approval of LLL training is mandated by the accreditation schemes' own quality standards, and not dictated by the CLG - So it's up to them, basically.

LLL hours

LLL hours, however, is not so clear. Some schemes have been led to believe the CLG stipulate 20hrs (however, I believe that's a confusion originating from the CPD requirements of Home Inspectors); Others understand there is no formal requirement.

ECMK - as you can see in the table - were told a couple of months ago by the CLG that 16 hours was the minimum.

RICS - According to a conversation they had with the CLG last week - were told 20 hours!

NHER is writing to the CLG for clarification and have promised to keep me updated.

Home Inspector Certification Ltd? Despite many attempts at contacting this company at different times of the day, over a couple of weeks and using their main freephone number, no one answered the phone nor returned my calls even after leaving several messages on their answering machine.

LLL training providers face barrier to entry

Before I continue, for the record, whilst I fundamentally believe the Institute of Domestic Energy Assessors (IDEA) should not be competing in the HIP marketplace against their own members and the wider DEA community, I do believe - along with the Institute of Home Inspection (IHI) - they could provide a useful and ethically credible LLL training role for the industry.

Sadly, I fear the costs and logistics of complying with the different propriety mechanisms for approval, may prove too burdensome as they will need to tailor LLL events for each specific niche audience.

This will have knock-on effects - Not least of which: added cost... particularly if an accreditation scheme charge to approve each course.


LLL scheme-approval: Open standard - A silver lining

ECMK, at the time of writing, are in negotiations with another (as yet un-named) accreditation scheme working towards an open acceptance of each other's LLL training credits. That is, if one LLL course is approved by one accreditation scheme, so it will be acceptable to the other too.

Finger's crossed - I'll keep you updated.

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Home Inspector Certification Ltd
Reply #1 on : Tue December 18, 2007, 08:27:44
Hi Mike

Im accreditted with above, and I have been able to get hold of them relatively easily on their freephone number. So far..!
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Re: CLG confusion
Reply #2 on : Tue December 18, 2007, 09:31:37
Weehey, we found one! ;)

Next time you speak to them, Mark, you might ask them to return my calls. Or, if you fancy it, ask them yourself so I can update the table.

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