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CLG policy reinforces HIP commitment

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 17-Nov-07 08:54:29 PM

Yesterday (16th Nov), the CLG published its response to the July 2007 consultation on whether a rating against the Code on new homes should be mandatory.

They should.

Energy Performance Certificates?

On the subject of EPCs, the question was asked:

Question 3: Do you agree that, before we make rating against the Code mandatory, we should require that all Code assessor organisations (or self-employed individuals) are able to provide Code and EPC services as a single package?

  • 38% agreed that they should
  • 20% disagreed
  • 41% never responded

The CLG's position, is therefore:

Not to require this but to allow the market to drive services in this direction if customers require it.

So basically, they're not arsed! It's up to business.

Interesting here, though, is that respondents who disagreed were mainly those directly affected by the proposal itself; amongst them, the utility industry and assessors (I'm assuming Code assessors) themselves!

Home Information Packs

Question 4a asked:

Do you agree that the Home Information Pack would be an appropriate mechanism for ensuring homebuyers are provided with a rating against the Code for Sustainable Homes?

To which:

  • 57% agreed
  • 4% disagreed
  • 39% never answered the question

The CLGs response then:

To require that documentation relating to the Code ratings are included in the HIP, in line with the preference expressed during the consultation response.

Which has to be taken as a clear indication of the CLGs commitment to HIPs, despite its current nervousness to roll them out to all marketed properties.

Will there be enough assessors?

No such confidence from the respondents answering question 6 though:

Do you agree with our analysis of the likely demand for assessments and that there will be sufficient code assessors available.

Although the majority agreed, a whooping 64% didn't answer:

  • 22% agreed
  • 14% disagreed
  • 64% never responded

The CLG attempts to re-assure in its response:

Communities and Local Government will work with our delivery partners to ensure that there are adequate numbers of assessors available, across the public and private housebuilding sectors; and in sufficient numbers across each region.

What's interesting here is that we are given a glimpse of how many Code assessors the CLG believes is enough: 900

Also interesting, the numbers of Code assessors BRE has released:

Latest figures from BRE on assessor numbers show that there should be about 890 assessors who will be qualified and licensed, or about to be licensed, by April next year (568 are already licensed and a further 324 are on training courses running between now and April 2008).

The document sets out the CLG's policy on the matter and can be found:

The Future of the Code for Sustainable Homes - Making a Rating Mandatory: Summary of Responses.

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