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30 redundant

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 23-Feb-09 07:23:08 PM

Christopher Rodgers, which once claimed to have contracts to supply over 300,000 Energy Performance Certificates nationally, was placed into adminstration on Friday 13th Feb 2009, leaving 30 employees redundant.

I thought something was amiss last month when I peered at the logs for this website. I was seeing traffic coming in off search terms like [chris rodgers administration] and the like.

Alex Rodgers was the first corporate EPC provider on the podcast way back in 2007. The landscape looked totally different back then and the company certainly had big aspirations to become the market-leader.

Soon after the podcast I remember they landed a contract with Countrywide to supply EPCs nationwide.

However, in October last year, a comment from Countrywide appeared in response to the above blog-post, which says:

Further to the entry regarding Countrywide Energy Performance Certificates, Countrywide Surveyors would confirm that whilst continuing to work with our partner epc suppliers they now undertake the majority of their domestic energy performance certificates and Commercial Energy Performance certificates themselves...

Although no one at Countrywide elaborated, it seemed clear to me that this would impact Christopher Rodgers (Home and Energy) Ltd pretty bad.

Christopher Rodgers was set up in 1981, so was no get-rich-quick operation; the company had the contracts and were investing for the long-term...

...then Govt delayed HIPs

...then Northern Rock collapsed.

Undoubtedly, given the scale of contraction this industry is undergoing, several DEAs will probably have gotten hurt by this.

From my dealings with Alex, I know this will be a super-blow.

And then there's the 30 staff now redundant.

My thoughts to you all.

Grant Thornton UK are the appointed administrators.

[Update: Christopher Rodgers (Home & Energy) Ltd now CR Energy Ltd]

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Re: 30 redundant
Reply #1 on : Thu March 05, 2009, 11:11:05
It is said that CR Energy are to be in talks with Ray Ban - re: a sponsorship deal.

its because in the words of a director there.

"The futures' so bright we'll have to wear shades"

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Christopher Rogers
Reply #2 on : Fri March 06, 2009, 17:01:15
Dear All

It just goes to show that at £30.00 per epc who can win.Its about time we put our prices up and all cut out the middleman. Countrywide being one of them . This is a comapny who set up there own lawyers and dumped some pretty big firms.

why is it when the big firms come knocking we all beg have we not learnt anything as an industry over the last 2 years

I hope none of the panels have promised them work they need to be taught a lesson and told to go elsewhere.

Richard Barber

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Im one of them
Reply #3 on : Thu October 22, 2009, 17:58:39
I am one who paid big bucks to get qualified with this firm and got three jobs from them only.I have been oit of work for almost a year now and on the bread line.Those companies who offer training on the promise of work still, should be horsewhipped.

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