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State your case to the Domestic Energy Assessor community

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 20-Jun-07 01:13:33 PM

HIP providers have been a bit quiet lately. Rumours are abound and not all of them particularly good!

There are two-sides to a story however and it's only fair to have that other side aired if bridges are to be built.

To that end, I've been contacting some of the prominent Pack Providers, Panels, whatever you want to call them... with a view to getting them onto the podcast to share their thoughts and reasonings on topics like: the current state-of-play as they see it; how they see the market developing; the hot topic of fees; tips and advice; and, of course, to pimp their business proposition to the wider DEA community.

I've not yet been able to speak with everybody on my list but I'm keeping a diary and will work on it. Those I have spoken to so far have been surprisingly positive and switched-on to the idea (yes, the podcasts are being heard out there!) - I'm just awaiting confirmation and diary times now.

So if I haven't contacted you yet, either expect a call or get in touch now 'cos I won't be contacting everyone.

This is your opportunity to either put various issues straight, or to provide some depth and context to them so that a rational understanding of the problems and opportunities are better appreciated.

Get Intimate - Entre Nous

This is a very powerful medium, through which, you can engage extremely intimately with the very audience that needs to hear you. It has a very long shelf-life, travels great distances, conveys both your passion and humour in a way print cannot ever achieve.

It's just us, in the listeners environment, for 40 minutes... Locked!

... you'd have to drop a lot of money on marketing to achieve that, and you know it!

Who Should Get in Touch

I don't want PR people and/or spin - Your mere (unpolished) presence will say more than those "media tools" (no innuendo implied!) can relay. I'm not a journalist - Which means we can have an in-depth conversation (without edits or invasive interuptions).

And please, only serious players - If you're not setup, wait until you are.

Don't Be Scared!

I'm not looking to ridicule, and you don't need to be "media-trained". Consider it as an informal, honest chat - The kind you might have around the dinner table.

It's time for the industry to connect with the confused DEA community in readiness for August 1st and beyond.


[Update: As an addendum that is intended to be both cheeky and (hopefully) provocative, I would like to thank both Alex Rodgers (Christopher Rodgers (Home & Energy) Ltd), and Philip Salaman (Quidos Ltd) for willingly stepping forward and reaching-out to weary, battle-hardened DEAs.

Whilst some DEAs still understandably have some questions and concerns, I believe that every one of those that wrote anything publically, at least, expressed an appreciation of the time, effort and sentiment shown in tangibly demonstrating a willingness to both address, and listen to, the fears and concerns of the DEA community.

Many will remember you for that.]

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Lack of knowledge
Reply #1 on : Fri March 28, 2008, 22:30:14
I recently decided to sell my home. Coughed up the required £500 for the HIP pack. We have a 2 month old state of the art wood burning central heating system - it is so carbon neutral that my home is actualy featured on the Energy Saving Trust website!

We contribute NIL Carbon from our heating and hot water now (it's all from replanted forests within 10 miles of our home) and we pay under £50 a year (yes, you read that right - we have a licence to extract as much waste timber as we wish).

The assesor who came out did not understand anything about the central heating! He thought the time switch (circulates the water through the radiators at set times) actually lit the fire!

He lists Timer, thermostats and TRVs on the system as poor and inneficient! He actually rates the hot water & central heating (remember 0 - yes zero carbon contributed) as "Highly polluting"!!

I have been in circles contacting the firm. I am astounded at the lack of knowledge - I mean, we are talking basic stuff like thermostats and timers having to be explained by me to him!

I still find it hard to believe, and we've had to take our house off the market as the energy rating is so utterly incorrect and misleading.

I can't find one person in the company who understand basic stuff even (I've spoken to 5 so far!).

Truly an astounding amount to be charging for so little knowledge.

My 10 year old understood more about it than the "surveyor"!!

[Formatted post for easier reading - Mike]
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I am a DEA
Reply #2 on : Sun September 14, 2008, 11:37:02
Can i go on your mailing list and be kept updated.
Regards Lisa Phillips.

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