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Web-page tactics to maximise sales

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 04-Jan-09 03:42:05 PM

I once lived with someone paralysed from the waist down as a result of a car crash (the other driver was never caught). Since then this person has trekked across extreme terrains of Africa and jumped from a plane for charity, to name just a couple of achievements.

The person is now a homeowner, continues to drive, has held several responsible posts, is hard working and basically a truly inspirational contributing member of society.

Believe me, having sat as a passenger, I know how frustrating it is when selfish, arrogant and able-bodied car-owners park in disabled spaces - it can easily add an hour to what began as a simple shopping trip. It can even mean complete abandonment.

It's easy to understand how the internet can be so useful and important then. Or should I say, could?

Surfing blind

Eric is blind. There are approx two million people with a recognised visual disability in the UK. Watch how Eric surfs the web - it is very revealing (and check out how fast that text reader speaks!)

(Click video to open in YouTube for a bigger screen)

Blind rage surfing the web

Take note. Two million people is a lot for just one demographic.

Add on the plethora of other benefits of correct web-page mark-up - such as search engine optimisation and mobile phone readability - and you have a compelling business case to comply with the law.

Did I say law? Yes, public websites offering goods and services are subject to the Disability Discrimination Act just like bricks and mortar companies.

Assistive technologies

There are other disabilities affecting web surfers too (approx 3.4 million IT-disabled according to a 2003 study), such as arthritis and wrist injuries which may call for the use of assistive technologies to navigate your web-page.

And like my friend, many work for companies so don't think you Commercial Energy Assessors can overlook this either!

Don't lose out - they need you to comply with the law.

PS... anyone seen a braille Energy Performance Certificate? Mrs Beckett?

The video focuses on the use of page headings but there are other things you can do too. I will no doubt return to this topic but in the meantime see the DEA-marketing link below where I've written about website accessibility before.

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