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Member benefits scheme launched

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 05-Jan-09 05:18:53 PM

The Home Inspector Forum (HIF) has today officially launched its "Members Benefits Scheme" which provides companies the opportunity to advertise, free of charge, to HIF subscriber members (see below for links).

The catch? The catch is that offerings must provide an exclusive benefit to HIF members not available elsewhere, such as a discount.

I know Ryan has put a lot of work into this for several months now and it's to his credit he's already managed to attract a healthy crop of companies to kick-start it off, including:

  • Quidos

To be added this week:

  • Rondale Design (Print and Design)
  • Promise Home Packs
  • Institute of Home Inspection (IHI)
  • Green & Co.
  • NRG Experts

In the pipeline:

  • Survey Systems Ltd

It's worth mentioning, in case you're not aware, that, as of writing, the HIF have 12,968 members.

What's in it for the HIF

If my understanding is correct, there are several reasons behind Ryan's thinking here (in no particular order and in no way exhaustive):

- To encourage as many accredited energy assessors as poss to cough-up the measly tenner it costs to upgrade to full professional membership. Which, quite frankly - and I've told Ryan this - is way too cheap for the benefits available, which include:

  • Website Builder plus free hosting
  • Members Directory
  • Access to the Work Instructions Board
  • Post (and respond) to commercial L3 & L4 quote requests
  • Unlock private forums and resources
  • Create your own private forum to incubate ideas with other members (several groups have launched using this facility already)
  • Ask questions knowing only accredited professionals can respond
  • That's just off the top of me head, there's more

(I mean, that's ridiculous for a tenner a year but anyway, if it works for him who am I to argue.)

- Professional members are more committed because they are less anonymous (accreditation details are checked) and have a stake.

HIF regulars will know only too well how the forum suffers the occassional troublemaker hiding behind anonymous usernames (and I know more than most, being a moderator there!). Although there's still nothing to stop professional members creating a free pseudonym account in theory, there is more to lose if it's discovered - and I generally do!

So as far as the forum is concerned (again, this is my interpretation), this new benefit package should help increase (and retain) professional members (thus helping to fund running costs), strengthen the community and encourage companies to get to know everyone and save costs advertising.

It's all about networking folks!

Get involved now

Anyway, if your company would like to participate, hit the following link to find out more: Free HIF advertising.

Professional membership: full details and perks of HIF professional membership.

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