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HIP Industry Meltdown Intensifies

By MikeC (Admin) on 30-Oct-07 20:13. Remarks (0)

Another depressing post - A company closes its doors; late-payers; non-payers; DEAs leaving the industry and the future? Bit of bad language in this one - No apologies given.

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DEAs: Can You Be Replaced?

By MikeC (Admin) on 29-Sep-07 22:31. Remarks (0)

Who will do your work if you are ill? The taxman will want to know if you are truly self-employed. Do your contracts have a Right to Substitute clause?


DEA Insurance - What's the risk?

By MikeC (Admin) on 07-Sep-07 11:36. Remarks (0)

Insurers may be rubbing their hands at your expense - Do you need all that cover?




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