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Climate-change balance: Lord Monckton v Greenpeace - video

By MikeC (Admin) on 17-Dec-09 13:46. Remarks (5)

When are we going to hear both sides of the man-made climate warming debate? Greenpeace campaigner meets her match against Lord Monckton in this video.

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Greening-up homes: The untold cost of Labour and Tory policy

By MikeC (Admin) on 03-Dec-09 16:11. Remarks (0)

Pay As You Bend Over (PAYBO) - How much will we really pay under the so-called “Pay as you Save” (PAYS) scheme proposed by both Labour and the Tories?

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Tories Outline New Energy Plan

By MikeC (Admin) on 16-Jan-09 12:39. Remarks (0)

Tory leader, David Cameron, will today unveil policy proposals for increasing energy efficiency in homes which include measures to place homeowners in debt to energy companies to the tune of up to £6,500. But what about EPCs?

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Happy New Year - Cuba

By MikeC (Admin) on 03-Jan-09 13:14. Remarks (0)

That Communist dictator regime in Cuba: what have they got to do with Energy Performance Certificates? Watch the remarkable abridged video - Cuba has lots to teach us.

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How To Cut 8 Million Tonnes of Carbon Emissions - Guaranteed

By MikeC (Admin) on 16-Sep-08 17:23. Remarks (1)

Terry Wyatt of Hoare Lea and past CIBSE president reveals an interesting proposal which is both cheap, easy to do, and, he claims, obviates the need for further power stations! See how our electric grid performed today at 3:45 and 5:45 - Terry says this can be avoided through Dynamic Demand Management

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£910m Energy Package but Nowt for Energy Assessors

By MikeC (Admin) on 11-Sep-08 17:04. Remarks (0)

Domestic Energy Assessors might as well become loft insulators following today's Govt announcement of £910m funding towards energy efficiency measures. Are Energy Performance Certificates are in danger of becoming financially punitive to homeowners and landlords?

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Fuel Bills: The First Domino Falls

By MikeC (Admin) on 25-Jul-08 14:15. Remarks (0)

So now that energy company EDF has announced further energy price increases, others will certainly follow suit. So when will Energy Performance Certificates become a real force for change? If not now, when?

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Energy Performance of UK Directionless

By MikeC (Admin) on 01-Jun-08 21:26. Remarks (0)

Another week of bad energy news finally spurs UK Government into action - Well, action might be a bit strong actually.

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