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EPBD2 Recast

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 16-Sep-09 02:47:45 PM

Dr Gavin Dunn, Elmhurst operations director, has written to energy assessor, Colin Smithson-Connelly of Sycamore Energy Assessors, casting light on the latest thinking of EU and CLG officials on proposals to upgrade the EPBD, to ‘EPBD 2 Recast’.

With Tory proposals to knock-back the EPC requirement until the end of the sales process should they win power next year, Dr Dunn ends by urging everyone to respond to the CLG consultation (see below) to lock-in upfront EPCs into EU law.

The letter

[I’ve corrected a couple of typos – I think they are right]

Dear Mr Smithson-Connelly

Regarding the recast of the EPBD the following are notes from the last meeting I had with Jonathan Bramhall, the lead civil servant engaged with the EPBD recast.

The key points are as follows based on the agreed UK position which has been agreed at an official level but final approvals are currently being sought.

Actions include:

• Reduce emissions by 80% by 2050
• Agree a standard EU wide Cost Optimal Methodology for buildings
• 1000sqm threshold for improving the overall thermal efficiency of buildings when major renovations carried out to be abolished (now all buildings).
• Propose that EPC recommendations are more specific and also provide guidance on potential suppliers
• Buildings >250sqm and the public visit on a regular basis should have the EPC displayed in a prominent position (if they have had an EPC produced)
• There will be a common definition across the EU of low carbon and zero carbon buildings. (CLG unhappy with a common definition)
• Propose DECS for all buildings >250 sqm. However CLG would rather the investment go into implementing recommendation for larger buildings

Overall there are currently 90 proposed amendments to the EPDB recast legislation so much could change and the results of the public consultation have yet to be considered.

However with regard to the specific question of “all properties for sale will have to display an EPC on particulars at the first point of marketing” I can only refer to the current consultation document as to the proposals that the UK Government plan to implement, of which of course a different Government may interpret differently.

The consultation document makes reference on page 16 to recast article 11, which states “requirement that an EPC is to be issued on the sale, rent or construction of a building” which appears to be a restatement of the existing EPBD but importantly adds new requirements for “the energy performance indicator of the EPC must be displayed in all advertisements for the sale or rent of buildings”.

While I appreciate this does not explicitly say the EPC must be available it does strongly suggest that the rating must have been completed in order for the sales / rental particulars to have been produced. I would therefore suggest that much will rely on the interpretation of this requirement into UK law and the enforceability of the resulting regulations as to the impact this will have on the EPC market.

But according to the consultation this is an area the Government is seeking feedback and opinion on, as such if you believe strongly of the importance of this issue I would encourage you to respond to the current consultation and encourage as many other people as possible to do so as well.

Click on the following link to see the consultation if you have not already got a copy: CLG consultation [or see below - me].

- Ends -

I believe Elmhurst members have also received the above or similar today also.

The consultation is below, in case CLG break the above link (as they are prone to do!) 

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Recast of buildings directive
Reply #1 on : Tue October 20, 2009, 18:29:28
The view here in Scotland is the recast does not go far enough, yet. I believe deeply in the concept and external drivers that have brought us this far down the right road, the system is still in need of refinement and in the next 5 years even more clarification will be required. These steps are vital to help secure the future of the industry AND the reason why we are all doing this.

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