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The true value of the DipDEA?

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 13-Apr-08 02:41:34 PM

It seems some people are attempting to make a living out of the DipDEA, but not from conducting energy assessments; and not from training DEAs either (not even from setting up an institute!).

No, these people are trying to eke a living from offering dubious cut-price DEA training manuals, and/or "training guides"...most of them copied manuals/guides at that!

A fistful of cashClearly, a training guide is somewhat different to an official training manual, but that's but a minor detail for some sellers. One of the listings on eBay had this in its sales pitch: 'YOU CANNOT QUALIFY AS A D E A WITHOUT THIS BOOK AND IT HAS A RRP OF £45.00 ' (sic).

That ad was even accompanied by the 'fistful of dollars' image you see.

Once the listing expires some of the sellers simply repeat the same listing again... and again. One has sold at least 14 DEA "training packs" ranging from £5.19 - £19.99 in the last couple of months (including a 4 CD Home Inspector manual) - And that was just from looking at page one of past sales!

One listing I came across was clearly selling the "real deal" however... although even this was not telling all.


As of (at least) the 18th March 08, their website had the following message:

We are no longer enrolling new candidates. This site is for existing candidates only.

Final cut-off date for receipt of outstanding portfolios is 30th March 2008.
Final ABBE EV visit is 1st May 2008.

Yet today - 11th April 08 - an eBay seller is offering their course for £499, stating the following:

a2b will fulfill the full assessment and training side as per their web site. (sic)

I love this bit:

I bought this training course a few months ago, but due to ongoing work commitments have been unable to do the course [...] A Real Opportunity For A Smart Person.

Having pointed out all of the above, I'd like to think the individual concerned is genuinely just trying to recoup some of his money, not realising that a2b has curtailed training. I imagine, therefore, he will feel royally shafted (yet again) when/if the buyer attempts to reclaim their money.

I did attempt to contact Carl Duncker of a2bEnergyAssessorTraining (AKA: Train in a Day) over the past few weeks to get his views on the practice, but as of writing, he did not return my calls.

Home Information Packs

Other listings that caught my eye included Home Information Packs to homeowners and another selling training courses on how to compile them (from a Home Inspector Forum member - Aye, I saw ya!).

Here are some image grabs of "training packs" offered for sale on a regular basis by one seller:

DEA training manuals offered on ebay

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