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When marketing commercial properties

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 17-Oct-08 04:51:33 PM

The CLG has published a guide to the 'Requirements for energy performance certificates (EPCs) when marketing commercial (non-domestic) properties for sale or let'.

But don't read too much into the title: it's basically a guide to when EPCs are triggered.

Clickety-click: Requirements for energy performance certificates (EPCs) when marketing commercial (non-domestic) properties for sale or let

Don't trash your online credibility

It never ceases to amaze me how people on the internet trash their online identity.

On at least two occasions I'm aware of, HIF (Home Inspector Forum) members have landed themselves in deep shnizzle with their accreditation schemes because of dumb and offensive things written.

I know these things are not exclusive to HIF, but it is above average in terms of frequency.

It matters not whether you surf behind a pseudonym, it's as good as your real name on the internet because that's how people address you. And so to act like a complete dick, is to make a complete dick of yourself.

Sure, you can do it once and change username, but who takes a dick seriously on their first posting anyway? And that is the point, isn't it? Else why post at all.

As a moderator, if I see someone working two accounts - using one for the purpose of launching attacks -, I will act; either by switching the username on a post to the "real" one, and/or, deactivate the errant account.

Thing is, it doesn't matter if you call yourself 'oli8ytigukjghb' - it can still be nurtured into a highly regarded representation of you... a nom de plume of trust and respect.

So to think: 'No one knows who I am so I'm going to wind this guy up by offending outrageously', is to completely kill your credibility... and possibly your income too! 

Taking the bait - war!

What's more, to rise to the bait - in response to someone's dickness - with an equal dose of counter-dickness, only achieves the same: where before the dick had the last word - and thus a lasting impression of dickness - now the respondent takes the baton (can't say "the dick" here exactly, so we'll stick with a phallic symbol - although it perhaps should be the crown).

The mouth is not engaged on the internet, yet the mouth happens to serve as a good buffer in the real world because it prevents us saying the things we are really thinking.

(I heard the other day that YouTube now have an option to hear a comment read back before it is submitted - excellent idea!)

Protect your online reputation

Here's a few tips I've picked up along the way:

  • Never reply when angry - As hard as it is, do something else for a minimum of 20 minutes before coming back; it's amazing how often I abort missile launches after gaining some perspective.
  • Never think you have to have the last word - it's not important! Who will be bothered tomorrow? No one will care who "won or lost" on page 9 because they stopped reading on page 5.
  • Stay on-topic - Before you hit the send button, just remind yourself what the thread is about: is your response on-topic or are you about to be dragged into a flamewar which makes you look a dick too?

Your online identity has value: keep it, or be willing to waste months starting again.

Finally, do never kid yourself that your real identity cannot be discovered - you seriously need to know what you are doing for that kind of peace of mind, trust!

I'm not gay, BTW.

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Re: When marketing commercial properties
Reply #1 on : Sat October 18, 2008, 11:58:47
To little information far to late but then what else do we expect from CLG.

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