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1,879 in six months

Submitted by: MikeC (Admin) on 17-Jun-09 03:25:10 PM

The number of accredited Domestic Energy Assessors (DEAs) hit 11,023 on 9th June 2009, according to Home Inspector Forum (HIF) member, sixx, who invoked the Freedom of Information Act to unearth the number.

This marks an increase of 1,879 newly accredited DEAs since December 08.

The shittest training company

Whilst the rate of increase is slowing, it’s not enough to deter new so-called training providers entering the market. One HIF member recently discovered a company called Arlington Rowe Ltd advertising:

Train as a Energy Assessor - 50,000 need now

…and that’s just in the South!

As you can tell, grammar is not exactly the company’s strong point. In fact, the whole website (which I’m not linking to) reads like it was written offshore by an Indian using Google translator (in fact, that's an insult to Google, sorry).

Let’s hope they didn’t also write the course material.

The company claims to act as “Course Brokers selling on behalf of colleges, unversities (sic) and training providers” – so if they’re selling for you, gawd help your reputation.

The website also says:

Jobs available with Arlington  - Unlimited Jobs available

Wow! And before you ask: yes, for DEAs.

Let’s put this diplomatically then: if anyone parts with their hard earned cash (or redundancy money) with this company, then I’m sorry, you’re a dickhead stupid, plain and simple, HTH.

(God I’m mad)

Get listed on the DEA locater - FREE!

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11,023 accredited Domestic Energy Assessors
Reply #1 on : Wed June 17, 2009, 16:49:09
Am i not corrected, but although the figures seem to have gone up this is it not the case.

According to your own figures this number is down on the 14,000 reported last year.

It seems with so little work that the mass exodus has begun.4000 is a big reduction if so many more have trained since then this figure could be 6000 less maybe?

Yet again the government look like doing a u-turn over the Community and Home energy advisor roles, although nothing is set in stone. This could have provided at least 4000 jobs!

The rental market has given some of us survival, but it will not last forever and the housing market will not recover for at least another year.

Perhaps the governments trying to make us all broke, so we do not switch on our lights and heating this winter. They will be able to meet the targets on reductions in carbon emissions by making us poor so we cannot afford to turn up the heating! Its any easy way to meet your targets lets face it.

After all according to the figures around 5 million people will be in fuel poverty by the end of the year.

I guess its back to candle light, sitting by fires in the lounge and putting on more jumpers. Just like when i was a child.

One broke DEA
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Re: 1,879 in six months
Reply #2 on : Wed June 17, 2009, 20:52:43
Hi Pauper

The 14,000 figure included those in the system at that time, IIRC; ie, qualified but not accredited etc.

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Re: 1,879 in six months
Reply #3 on : Mon June 22, 2009, 11:58:46
Which department provides this information under the FOI act.

Your post is based upon chat from a forum???

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property professionals
Reply #4 on : Wed June 24, 2009, 12:24:29
I have been accepted on a DEA Domestic Energy Assessor trains ABBE approved and in business since 2006.
DEA Building contraction
DEA Build collection
Which qualifies me as Domestic Energy Assessor & Commerical Energy Assessor Level 3.
Cost £4,950 subsidised by working 2b yrs. for them. Not sure the ins and outs another meeting tomorrow to discuss these details.
From the forum it would seem that there are a lot more inspectors than I was told (800) and 11,000 needed this year.
Are these laws coming in, someone mentioned government doing uturn and we all know they are good at that, so my question is "IS THIS A GOOD COURSE TO BE DOING" or just a waste as full time work from it is not likely. I can also for another 4,950 do another 4 modules to bcome Home Inspector
Please advise.

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property professionals
Reply #5 on : Wed June 24, 2009, 21:31:45

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.. think very carefully before you sign on the dotted line... There are FAR FAR to many DEAs for to few jobs... the fees have come down from £90 in 2007 to £30. When you strip out your costs it doesn't leave much for profit before tax(and the pressure is on to reduce the DEA fee further)

I have known people to undertake DEA training only to lose their savings, their homes and their relationships through money issues following DEA training.. and the promised land.

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Reply #6 on : Mon July 13, 2009, 19:50:07
Please please everybody stop dropping your prices,I have heard of one man locally doing DEA for 20 quid. If he does that we will all have to do it and take thirty years to pay back the thousands I have already spent on training. STOP STOP STOP

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